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Full Version: Hello from Canada!
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I'm from central Canada, and I've been creeping these forums for the past few weeks. I've been interested in using pheromones for the past few years to make some aspects of life.. "easier". I'm a outgoing individual, getting married in July, and work mainly in IT.

I have two goals with my use of pheromones... one would be to help get my fiance into the "moon" more often.. though I often get what I want when I want it... I don't necessarly feel as if she's into me (never have..). She often tells me it's not her fault and is likely her birth control or something of that nature... (which she will be changing post wedding.. to sketchy to do a month or two out from wedding). I want to use pheromones as a tool to unleash her sexual side. Though I know the common responses are to be alpha, be nice, buy her flowers, etc - I've done all that since the beginning and it's been the same, so it's time to try other avenues.

My second use is just the social aspect of social pheromones.. though I'm outgoing.. I do get some social anxiety.. and I'm hoping pheromones will help me with that. So far I've only purchased L2K from Alpha Dream... and we'll see how that goes!

Anyways! I figure my first post will let everyone know what I'm here for Smile
Welcome to the fun! Big Grin

Voracious by LP makes me pounce on my hubby...but then I'm usually on the prowl Laugh1

Happy hunting!
Welcome to PheroTruth Big Grin
hi thisguy, congratulations on your coming wedding and welcome to pherotruth. One of the many advices going off in my head is try being a challenge to your fiance and happy testing Big Grin
Welcome aboard from another Central Canada feller!


Nice to see another fellow Central Canadian CanadianGuy45!

Thanks for being so welcoming! I'll continue to prowl the boards for advice and will eventually hope to give my own Smile.

I'm also a CrossFit coach and personal trainer if anyone needs advice on that sort of thing!
Welcome to PheroTruth.
Welcome to the forum and best of luck!
Welcome to the forum!
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