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Full Version: Wearing Evolve during her period . . .
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(06-17-2013 9:18 AM)SteveO Wrote: [ -> ]1 3mL bottle of oil makes about 15mL spray. Its about 7X stronger;)

Thank you Steve. For some reason, I had assumed that Evolve oil was stronger than the spray. However, it does seem to be well buffered, and today I had no signs of irritation after sneaking 1 drop of Evolve onto my neck. (I already had my 2 drops A314 + 2 drops Cohesion oil over lotion on my ears / arms.) Although she was feeling pretty shitty herself, she asked me to sit beside her and talk to her for an hour, as if she actually wanted to be within 2 feet of me. The Cohesion effect! Didn't see much effect from the Evolve over the next 3 hours, but as I say she was feeling pretty shitty with bad stomach cramps and headaches.

To sum up, Evolve does not necessarily cause irritation during women's week, but I'd only try it if I already had some Cohesion cooking. Smile
this thread is a life saver..... no joke
Anybody have anything to add ?? So far XIST makes my life easier but i am not sure when to go back to other products after her period....
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