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Full Version: Impi red dot testing thread
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Just got my Impi the other day. Came in the original bottle with a yellow sticker with "Red" written on it. Had plastic stuffed in the cap incase of leak. I smelled the scent but no spillage. Noticed the cap was screwed on crooked so it had a space in the bottom. No big deal due to the bottle being full to the brim.

2 sprays to neck. Each forearm and one ontop of shirt. Smells nice but reminds me of something I can think of. Went to work... Didnt reall notice much from others but I felt more hype, alert and something in this stuff has a smell I can't put my finger on but I like it. Work went by as normal, nothing noticeable at all.

Went to the gym afterwards... I still smell the Reddot scent. As I'm working out that strafe smell I like keeps hitting me. I smell around the gym and stretch trying to see if it something else... Wtf is this???

So far I don't notice shit, as a cologne I love it. Something about the scent changes over time and I love how it laste... Surprising for an alcohol based scent. I wil run another solo for two more days. Then ima mix in someXS evolve or ascend and see what happens.
(05-08-2013 3:22 PM)Kahotep Wrote: [ -> ]Surprising for an alcohol based scent.

YES! That's what I was looking for Drinks Thanks Big Grin
(05-08-2013 4:02 PM)NuTrix Wrote: [ -> ]YES! That's what I was looking for Drinks Thanks Big Grin

Be sure to let it dry down before putting clothes on... It will rub more into the fabric. Although it last longer on the fabric.
Ok I think I figured out impi. First off let me say that I have trcent found out that I do not have red dot. Turns out they sent me tegular impi by accident.
This doesn't change any o my reports as I love the smell and it def has a place in any arsenal. So It just clicked on exactly what impi does for

It is an attractant and a social. Period. It is not sexual and not alpha. The scent gives great projection and it has good social skills. The scent has good reach and it def pulls them in. If you are gonna use this shit this is where it belongs. End of story. Add some evolve if you like it's totally doable. I wouldn't waste my time mixing it with wolf or av as it seems to have many of the same properties. I would either use an alpha base mone or a sexual base mone and then add this for social attraction.
Yep that about pegs impi original. Well done.

I always recommend the red dot bc they add a bit of alpha and sex in that particular formulation. Not drastic sexy as impi is still overall a heavy social but enough to notice. Still highly recommend gettn red on the next 30 love scent sale if you can. You won't b disappointed for 20 or so bucks. If they give you the wrong stuff.. get pissed. We need to keep these vendors in check.

If you have it, a dab or 2 of direct app np.a gives any impi dot more horsepower. The lacroy secrets mesh well together and you get more of em. I do 2 shot red. 1 dab np.a behind one ear, one drop Beta Androstenol oil on the other. Very good mix highly attractive.

Good job on figuring out impi. It's decent for the price especially during a sale.
Def gonna get red dot. I love the regular impi. Andnifnthe formula is as you say it is then good. I know just what to do with it.
Ok so there was some confusion about whether or not love cent sent me red dot or regular impi. I wrote to them yesterday and got a prompt response as follows:

Dear alphavitea

I am sorry to hear there was an issue. Please send me a photo of the front of the bottle. The red dot is glass with a clear figure on the front. The regular impi would have a design outlined in black. Thanks

So anyone who questions whether or not they got the right bottle this should clear it up. Personally idk what mine is but I will check when I get home and take a picture and report back but evidently it comes in a glass bottle and not the bottle pictured in the website.
So it turns out that I do have impi red dot and all of my previous testing still stands.
Rectangular clear bottle with a clear figure on the front.
This is confusing. I also have the glass bottle but it smells nothing like what people describe as the red dot smell.
yeah but what about the scent . Lightly perfumed does not equate to spicy delicious scent that it is supposed to have. People buy the red dot variation for the scent that is suppose to be included with it.
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