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I sent out a bunch for testing with the promise of reviews. Most of you already have had it for a while. I'd appreciate it if you could now hold up your end of the bargain and provide honest feedback please.
Sweet my ascend was in the mailbox! Hehe sorry SteveO; I live a mile on dirt roads from my mailbox and I don't check it very often . . . It's most likely been there for days.

Thank you for the opportunity to test your blend! I can't wait to wear it to work this afternoon! You can bet on some feedback Good

In regards to the scent: I only smell copulins, no biggie. . . I just put a drop on the back of my hand so I could huff it LOL. The cop's died down after a bit like normal. I'll need a strong cover-scent with this blend so I intend to use Dirty English as my cover this afternoon.
I got an oil sample vial.
Because it is a sample I was trialing at 2 dipstick swipes. Have not noticed any overt hits from that use (3 days). I normally get respect so the hits would me more on the subtle side anyway.
What would you reccommend - I read that each vial contains only about 3 uses so I have been wearing far below avg dose. I may just move the rest to a dropper to at least get the right starting amount.
I too smell cops. They go away after 30 minutes or so no problem on that front.
Funner did you get a full vial or one with about 1/3 in it? If its the 1/3 than that is a single use. Just dump it on and toss the bottle. There will be residue left in the bottle but I compensated for that in the dosage. If you got a full bottle than dump it on your hand until you used about 1/3 of the bottle. I don't believe a swipe would even equal a drop.

The oil is designed for best results at three drops. ;)

I wasn't really talking about the little vials I sent out with the orders. Its always nice to get feedback from those too but I sent out 5 full 10 ml alcohol bottles which I incurred product charges and shipping on the basis those members would provide feedback. According to tracking these packages have been there since early last week. I was dependent on this feedback to decide if this was going to become a product or not. Even bad feedback helps me in tweaking or just not making it, but no feedback at all. That just makes me shake my head.
Okay. Wore Ascend for the first time today. One spray to the throat covered with Alpha Dream's Black Spice fragrance.

Okay, so . . .

At Work
One spray
Right off the bat: when I walked into the room AQ girl started adjusting her pants and shirt. Most-likely after-glow from all of the Evolve and Wingman Black Label I've been exposing her to, but there's no way to be sure. What I am sure of is that my boss was very friendly and pleased with me today. Okay, so you have to understand that my boss is usually very bitchy and complainish. He is bound and determined to find something that you did wrong and tell you about it no matter what, every day without fail. Well today was different. Today my boss told me what a good job I was doing . . . How I was "the Man" for doing what I did everyday. Most certainly not normal behavior from Mr. Micromanagement that's for sure.

It felt like I could do no wrong. Everything I did was met with approval. It was like I had an "Approved" stamp on my forehead. The Ascend outlasted my Cologne too, at about 9:00 PM, (I applied my Ascend at 2:10, covered it with Black Spice at 2:30 and was at work at 2:55) I could clearly smell the Ascend on myself. I could smell Androsterone with a hint of Copulins at that point.

AG girl and her BF wanted my advice again today. It felt like they were confiding in me as well as imploring me for advice. The only other mix that has gave me the "you're so amazingly awesome I need your advice" effect has been Wingman Black Label. So Ascend gave me some serious status methinks.

My mom came into work today, and told me I STANK. So I failed to cover the Ascend completely for the 'mone sniffers. (my mom can smell ANY pheromone no matter what: she has a super sensitive nose and can always smell my applications regardless of coverscent)

I will be wearing Ascend religiously SteveO, you can count on my feedback. I saw on my package you paid $5.15 to ship me my sample, so I intend to give you your moneys worth and test the shit out of this blend.
Okie dokes. I tested my Ascend last Monday while out hunting for a summer job. There was one place in particular I was trying to get in, a grill at a private golf club. I'd much rather be working somewhere that takes a bit more pride in pleasing its clientele and preparing good food, instead of simply throwing something down to satiate your hunger. (Also, I'd much rather be working somewhere where said clientele are willing to throw down $20 or so as a tip for good service, rather than a couple of crumpled $1 bills under a dirty fork.)

~3 drops Ascend oil from the single-use sample Steve sent me
No cover

The copulin smell was immediately apparent, but died down by the time I got to town. I stopped by a local coffee shop a friend told me about recently, to see if they might be hiring. They weren't, but the girl behind the counter was very friendly and attentive. The place also serves breakfast, sandwiches, and other food, along with a nice selection of alcohol (I had a couple of absinthes there a few days ago.) Given a little time, I'm fantastic at getting free things from coffee shops, so I figured I may as well begin the process of befriending all the baristas.

Afterwards, I left and headed to the target establishment. It took me a little while to find the actual grill, and I had to ask a few people where it was. Every one of them was extremely helpful and friendly. They would point me in the right direction, or if they didn't know, to someone who did, then ask if there was anything else they could help me with, finally wishing me a good day. Finally, after talking to three people, I found the grill. Sadly, the manager wasn't in, but the girl behind the counter, a brunette about my age or a little older, introduced herself and asked what I would like. I asked for a soda and said that I was had heard they were hiring and would like to work there. She gave me a big smile and fetched me an application. While I was filling it out, she chatted with me about working there and asked where I was from, except when she had to serve other customers. When I was done, she told me that if I didn't hear from them soon, that I should follow up and "bug them" to let them know I was specifically interested in working there and not just applying shotgun-style. As I got out my wallet to pay for the soda, she smiled and told me not to worry about it, so I ended up leaving a small tip.

A few days later, I dropped by to follow up and potentially catch a manager. The same girl was working, and when she saw me, she gave me a huge smile and said hello. When I told her why I was there, she immediately offered to call the manager for me and did so, making eye contact the whole time. The manager was busy across the street, but asked her to get my number and name. She said she would remind him to call me if she had the chance and that I should give it a few days and come by again, saying that most of the people who have been hired there have been the ones who were persistent and proactive about it. So, the Ascend from my previous visit seemed to fix me in her memory and cause her to act very positively to me even when I wasn't wearing it (this time around, I was wearing Corpo and Evolve.) As I left, she told me goodbye with a big smile and wave and said she'd see me around.

Unfortunately, I had started a bit late that day, and by the time I finished up there, most places were getting ready for the dinner rush, so that was the end of my testing for the day.

Plenty of friendliness and respect from strangers. Strangers were extremely helpful and deferential when I walked up and asked them questions. Girls were friendly and made lots of eye contact. A bit of hair twirling, and an apparent memory-imprint effect. Good stuff. I want more.
Thank you Injektilo.

I'm really surprised by the copulin smell that keeps getting mentioned. There is so little in the overall amount its amazing that anyone can even smell them at all. I'm talking tiny amount divided by like 12 bottle. Good feedback though.
(05-20-2012 11:43 PM)SteveO Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you Injektilo.

I'm really surprised by the copulin smell that keeps getting mentioned. There is so little in the overall amount its amazing that anyone can even smell them at all. I'm talking tiny amount divided by like 12 bottle. Good feedback though.

Well, I haven't actually ever smelled pure copulins, so I assumed that whatever the distinct odor I was getting from the Ascend was copulins. To me, it's a pungent, nearly sweet scent that I also smelled in the sample of True Love for Women that True Pheromones sent me once. Initially, I couldn't smell pheromones at all, but especially recently, I've started to detect them, which falls in line with some studies which have shown that people who are initially unable to detect pheromones begin to with repeated exposure to larger doses. However, I've always been able to smell copulins, to the point of being able to freak my girlfriends out by being able to observe simply be smell when they were aroused, menstruating, and potentially ovulating. Of course, the scent of the copulins in products doesn't actually smell like the real thing to me at all to me, but the odor is still extremely strong and distinct.

Anyway, I'm more than happy to report my experience with Ascend. Smile
Copied from my Journal

Been wearing Ascend to work the last few days, 1 spray to the throat. Covered with Dirty English, Play Intense or Black Spice.

It's status baby! It feels like the men see me as this really cool guy they wish they could be. Whatever I say is always correct! To the point where people will back out of a statement to agree with me. There is also this "father-like" feeling. The men confide in me like I'm daddy and have the answers for their problems (I have not observed this effect with any women).

I gotta do more testing. . . I don't have much data on the lady-folks (because the way the schedule has been) I've been around mostly men.
Hi there everyone.

I recieved a 1ml vial of ascend with my evolve purchase, so yesterday I decided to give it a try. Thanks SteveO!

I used three dabs in teh morning. Was very sleepy, and had to meet a client. As people has said, the smell of cops is right there. Anyway, let it dry down, sprayed some cologne and went to a client's office for a meeting.

The guy was vey talkative and nice. it's a new client, so don't know him very muchBefore the meeting, the woman at the reception was very friendly.

After the meeting, did a couple of errands, and went to a cofee shop to make some work at the computer.

As the morning went, I was feeling kind of low energy. I was very tired from working long hours everyday and also working out. Thursday is the only day of the week I don't make any phisical activitie, so I'm usually pretty tired. Also some depressing shit at work for a while, so I started feeling down, and the effect lingered till the evening.

i had to do some computer work at home, so applied some Wolf behind my nose and it had a nice uplifting effect.

Is there any androstadienone in the mix? I'm pretty sensitive to it and when I use it, I put it on the bach of my head to avoid geting direct contact. As I dabbed ascend all through my neck, the idea came to my mind.

As I say, there is some depressing shit going on and was pretty tired, and It was only my first try, so can't say for sure It was the mones. Anyway, Steve, i'd like to know if ascend contains androstadienone. If it does, I'l try to put it somewhere else next time.

Talk to you soon
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