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Full Version: SteveO you are Awesome!!
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Here is what happened...
Me, checking out Pherotruth like a kid in a candy store, come across SteveO's company and because I loved his ICM versions over at AD, decided to order Cohesion. Steve was on vacation so couldn't ship my order in time; so what he does to make up for it; TRIPLEs my order and throws in a sample massage oil. Is that insanely awesome customer service or what?

Thanks Steve. Great product great service.
When is SteveO going next time on vacation ?

(11-16-2011 12:18 PM)Pagodeiro Wrote: [ -> ]When is SteveO going next time on vacation ?


LMAO! sideLol
What is Cohesion like? How does it compare to ICM?
Whats ICM?
(11-17-2011 11:34 PM)redstone Wrote: [ -> ]Whats ICM?
Instant chick magnet i think? it was a mix from ad
(11-18-2011 1:34 AM)Cellophanewrap Wrote: [ -> ]Instant chick magnet i think? it was a mix from ad

Intercontinental Missile .... hehe ..

they first brought out ICM version 1

which was MX301 and MX302 ( both with none but different with A-nol and b-nol )

and MX303 and 304 ( same as above but without the none )

Steve created ICM 2,0 and it's amazing stuff ...

absolutely different formula compared to ICM 1,0 ..

they did not sell it over at AD ... SteveO sent some to some guy's ... including me Big Grin

Thank you Roni, but I appreciate you being patient.
Hey SteveO, how are you doing my friend? Congrats on your new company, I hope you have much success with your new line of products. Just wondering, are there any plans to replicate/bring back some of the great mixes that were offered and then discontinued at AD, like Dancing Jokers panty scorcher?
Yes, please see if you can get DancingJocker's endorsement to release his MX329, which is one of the best MXs I have tested from AD.

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