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Full Version: Hmmm. Was it the copulin?
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I have dg from p7 for certain times. I had worn it on a daily basis for a month without layering anything else with it. I had seen the attraction pull. The ease it generated in making women more comfortable. It was one of my favorite mixes to wear to work and women are about 75 percent of the employees where i am.

I wore it when i visited a female friend recently. I have worn the mix around her before. 2 drops and 3 sephora sprays of TL.

The TL was a new combination. Shes trying to hook me up with her friend. Her friend wasnt around. In a span of 5 minutes she asked.

Are you seeing anyone?

Youre not seeing anyone right now?

Youd tell me if you were seeing someone right?

She knows im single...

I wore tl and ftl around her before so maybe the cops in dg are a bit stronger.

Course she wasnt working on setting me up at that time.

Johnnyhard mentioned cops and tl is a bad idea.

Just thought that was an odd set of questions. People aren that persistent unless they feel somethings up.
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