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Full Version: MassageXS Massage Oil For Men To Use On Women
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Last night was my first chance to give my girl a massage using this new massage oil!

I've mentioned elsewhere but let me just say it again: this stuff smells heavenly. It smells like fresh-baked gingerbread. Ok

The massage-giving properties of the oil are quite impressive! A very modest amount of oil allowed me to continue to massage until my hands were tired. So it didn't fully absorb the way other oils I've tried have. It provided a smooth and slippery massaging surface for a good long time. It also showed a very interesting property -- in spite of leaving the skin slippery enough to continue massaging right up til the end without reapplying, there wasn't really any excess oil that needed to be wiped off in order to avoid getting the bed all oily. It was like it did absorb but it didn't. I'm not sure how that works, but it's basically the ideal. Nice work, Steve!

It's tough to gauge the pheromone action on just a single trial, especially since massage time generally leads to other family sports all on its own. But I will say that we ended up having some noticeably uninhibited fun! Party2

The pheromone effects weren't the kind of blatant hit-you-over-the-head effects that you recognize right away as originating from outside of you. But there was a sense of spontaneity and involvement in the activity that I think were probably enhanced by the mones. Also, I noticed that I fell asleep rather easily in spite of the fact that I knew I had had too much caffeine earlier in the day (which will usually have me up all night.) So this may also have been enhanced by the pheromones.
I think i have to concur mostly with what dbot has reported so far.

I just finished giving a massage but I feel so relaxed right now. I'll test it again to see if i can replicate this feeling. I am currently in an air conditioned room and it feels sooooo goooood even though i am not at the receiving end! Needless to say, the recipient has fallen asleep already LOL.

I am actually typing this report right now without having had to wash my hands. I'm not sure how to describe it but it doesn't feel oily yet it is smooth enough to massage without causing any discomfort to the skin. Like beccah and dbot mentioned, a little goes a long way. I poured an amount about the size of a dime, rubbed my hands together and needed only 2 reapplications for a 30 min massage. I really like how it is not oily and i think it is actually akin to the feel of an expensive hand cream if you use those and know what i mean. I am really quite marveled at how well and smoothly it facilitates the massage process as well. It's texture is really quite unique - not quite like anything i have ever tried before!

The best way i can think of to describe its smell at the moment is yummy incense. It has a spa like quality to it but yet smells like ... food? (Dbot, i am not familiar with the smell of gingerbread)

I am very interested in how the pheromones enhance the massage experience and look forward to trying it out more to get a better idea. What is for sure is that the oil is definitely top notch!

A few questions if you don't mind, Steve:

1. How do u use the warming fluid - before using the massage oil?
I rolled some on her skin inbetween the massage and then applied it.

2. How much warming fluid do you normally use?
I used about maybe 20cm worth but found the warming effects to be quite mild. I suspect it may be because i used it together with the oil?
And just to add, it was only last week we went on a 3 days "spa holiday" in Bali and have had the pleasure of being at several massage parlors. The oil used here is definitely superior in terms of scent and because it doesn't feel like you need to take a bath to wash it off too.
I like the comparison to an "expensive hand cream." I have to admit I've actually been tempted to try using a dab or two as lotion!
(07-23-2011 1:20 PM)mengster Wrote: [ -> ]A few questions if you don't mind, Steve:

1. How do u use the warming fluid - before using the massage oil?
I rolled some on her skin inbetween the massage and then applied it.

2. How much warming fluid do you normally use?
I used about maybe 20cm worth but found the warming effects to be quite mild. I suspect it may be because i used it together with the oil?
1. The warming fluid is really for sensitive areas like the neck, nipples and thighs. Typically when applying to skin like the wrist or similar, there won't be much effect. However when you put it on an area that is sensitive be prepared for some excitement. I use it to put a tiny dab on the nipples of my partner and man do they go nuts. Keep in mind that some people are more sensitive than others so be sure to test it first.
2. As above just roll a tiny dab on and that's all you really need.

Please remember that you should be shaking the bottle really well before each use. The molecular weight is heavier than the oils so it tends to settle on the bottom of the bottle. If that happens and then you go to use it at the end of the bottle you might cause some complaints.

As per using it as a skin cream there is no reason you actually shouldn't I have several clients who buy it specifically for that. Its designed to revitalize the skin so its really ideal for either scenario.
Hmmm... I may just have to use it as lotion one day and see what kind of responses the pheromones bring...
Nice, going to get a bottle for my girl soon! Can't wait to pour the whole thing on her nipples.....

LOL. Just for laughs. Redface
i tried the warming lotion today as steve suggested. she liked it Big Grin
Damn, it's been a while since I've been over here. This seems like a fantastic product in theory and I would imagine it doesn't disappoint in practice either. In other words, I'm going to have to get some. ;)

Glad to see you continuing to turn out top-notch products, Steve. I really need to crack down on testing ICM 2.0. I've used up about half to little effect and never reported back because I felt my lack of results would disappoint you. But now I'm beginning to figure it out, and I also realize that even if I didn't get results, that would be something you should hear. Maybe I should give you a call soon and you can help me work on getting even more out of this awesome little bottle.
Steve's massage oil deserves a bump Smile

I've been using this stuff more regularly than I expected to, even though somehow the bottle is still full. It lasts forever.

When I got on board for a test bottle when this product was launching, I was looking forward to testing it but didn't imagine I'd want to keep in it stock after I used it up. After all, I didn't even really like giving massages that much, since I don't like getting massaged. But today I found myself looking at that bottle and thinking, "man I need to keep this stuff around." I can get my girl to do pretty much anything for the offer of a massage Big Grin

Ladies, if you wish your guy would massage you more, I recommend this stuff highly. It actually makes it more enjoyable to be the massager.
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