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Full Version: What Happened To Essence of Woman ?
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I thought I would post this for the ladies who've been wondering what's been up with Essence of Woman . This is an explanation, in fact it's a direct quote from Mara, that was posted on the Love Potion forum on August 28, 2009. Here it is... with her permission. Smile


"There's been rumors flying around the net for a few months about the "strength" of the latest batch of Essence of Woman , (Essence of Woman by Stone Labs), the alcohol based one that Love Scent sells.

Now, even though we do not sell this product, I thought I would share with you some info since it doesn't seem to be available anywhere else on the net.

The formula is not weaker, it's that the indole has been taken out.

Indole is (sorry for being blunt) the smell of poop. Astrid Jutte included indole in her original recipe because it is part of the natural range of smells that emanate from that region of the body.

Phil Stone's original batch of Essence of Woman used her written recipe exactly. After it was produced and on the market, JV Koles informed Phil that while Astrid's recipe did indeed list indole, she never actually added the ingredient when she formulated it herself. (And by the way, as a matter of general interest - her testosterone reaction tests were conducted using ONE DROP of copulins diluted in ONE GALLON of water.) So, anyway, when Phil brewed up the next batch, he did not include the indole.

It's truly not that the latest batch is weaker. It still contains the exact amount of (for lack of a better word) pheromone solution as it did before. What has changed is the scent indicator everyone has been relying on to gauge how much they were wearing.


There's a couple of other stinky molecules in there, that if you put enough of it on (too much of it on) you can probably get an indole-similar smell to come up, but the point is, if you are used to gauging the strength by your nose, you really can no longer do so. You'll perhaps have to trust your previous experience. If your previous experience told you that 3 drops gave you the reaction you were wishing for, then please, continue to use 3 drops. The copulin strength is every bit as concentrated as it always was. You should get the same reactions as before, you just won't smell it as much.

If we equate the indole note to's not that the phero strength has decreased, it's that the perfume strength has decreased. It is falsely giving some people the impression that the product is not as concentrated as it was before, which is not the case.

I also checked with the lab this morning regarding the lots/batches that have been brewed since the product was put on the market. I think people are under the impression that there have been more batches than there really are. There have only been three. Total. Period.

From posts I've read around the net here and there, it seems that long-time Essence of Woman users assume there have been waaaay more than three batches because of scent variation. But remember, we LP Perfume users all know, that AGE has a lot to do with how perfumes smell over does storage method...light, heat, cold, etc. So the perceived differences in the smell of Essence of Woman of the same batch may actually be attributed to any of these factors. It does not mean that there is less or more copulin formula in the bottles.

Hope this info helps clear up some questions or concerns. [Image: smile.gif] "


And there ya go. Thank you, Mara.

Ooh yes, I remember Mara talking about this to me. That's so interesting!!!

lol I'm surprised that the "poopy" smell makes quite a difference! Maybe they should put it back! Big Grin
(10-04-2009 8:26 PM)esmeralda Wrote: [ -> ]Ooh yes, I remember Mara talking about this to me. That's so interesting!!!

lol I'm surprised that the "poopy" smell makes quite a difference! Maybe they should put it back! Big Grin

Indole at a really low concentration smells very sweet. It is one of the components of night blooming Jasmine. When it is too high a concentration it just smells like shit.

It's really the mercaptan that I find the worst. That is sewer smell. maybe Dr. Stone should put back in the Indole and take out the benzenethiol.

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