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Full Version: Love Potions Products
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Hi ,
Has any one had any pheromones plus couplin products made for them by Love Potions?... If so was it expensive ?. I'm looking for a subtle, sexy and passionate vibe..
Thanks Tongue
It is kind of expensive if you want to add the pheromones to a fragrance, like $55. But it is worth it because when I use fragrances from other places, it is just not the same. I like theirs better. Big Grin
All these amazing scents have both Pheromones and cops in them, I might have missed some,but these are my favs...umm,I can't equate sexy and passionate with subtle,but at LP there is something for everyone Smile

Dolce Far Niente
Mara's Rocket Fuel
Cougar Potion
Sparkle Fuchsia
Girly Twirly
Love Blossom
Cuddle Bunny
Like A Magnet
It depends on how much you use a scent. I just ordered a bunch of bottles of LP SE:2011 with pheromone adds, but this is a go-to scent for me. I have some of the pheromones in unscented form, but I didn't want to have to constantly mix scent + pheromone. Also you get a $10 discount on the perfume you choose to add it to, so this was money saving for me. If you're not committed to a scent, I suggest getting the pheromones separately. Also keep in mind, it's only $5 to add cops to a fragrance, otherwise an unscented bottle of cops is $24.95 + you have to get covering it right. I hope this answer is helpful.
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