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Everyone's favorite heavy handed mixer signing in.

I've been working with quite a few stuff and I've got to say I'm quite happy with the results.

I am going through a bit at the moment, was just laid off yesterday at 4PM from work....

So until I find another means of employment I'm a bit strapped on my phero purchases. I still have quite a bit to use and test so no worries.

I am primarily an AD user, however I will be sampling products from all over to give a comparison.

I look forward to talking with everyone here ;)
Hey DjAndarial!

Welcome to the forum!!!! Great to have you here!

Sorry to here that you've been laid off...I think it's going around. As a matter of fact, I just quit one of my freelance jobs with a client yesterday night.

I hope you find a great job soon though, and I'm sure it will come your way, don't lose hope ;)
Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear about your job, just took a pay cut myself. You might think about advertising yourself on the forums. Of course that means telling people where you are and what you do.

Good luck.

Hey DJ, Welcome!

See I wasn't gonna disappear for too long! We're planning on makikng this place everything a phero forum could and should be!

No drama, no whiners, no complainers, no misinformation, no censorship, or any of the other crap that seems to plague the pheromone industry! Just a fun place to learn, discuss, research, chit-chat and have a bit of phero fun!

Sit down grab a beer and relax. I think Bella's got dinner in the oven and Tisha's gonna cast a spell or two a little later on. P

Again, welcome to our new house!


BTW, your reps ran over here to hang out with us before you did! P


Don't worry man, you'll never run out of Pheromones. We'll keep feeding you juice just for the entertainment value from those reports of yours.

It's mighty fine to have you along DJ.

Welcome to the new world!

I guess it's safe to come out of lurking now. How about all of you other lurkers?

You can come out now.

Thanks everyone, I hope to be able to call this place home and be as uncensored as much as possible.

I am getting component products hopefull I was saving for that and will be getting that.

With college coming around, and parties I will be going out more and testing a lot more.

Depending on a complicated relationship I have been posting about, she and I have to discuss how we want to persue this, like I said it's complicated.

But yes I will be using full on reporting here.

I look forward to this great group of friends and making more.

Nice to see you Mark, and you too ooohyahhh
Hey DJ, what's up? Glad to see you. You'll have to check out the blog feature, perfect way to keep all your adventures in one handy dandy place.
Hi DJ! Big Grin

Welcome, I'm so happy you're here!

Jeez, I'm sorry about your job. There seems to be an epidemic of that lately. People are being laid off in droves. Good luck finding a job. With your moxy, charm and talent, I'm sure it'll happen in no time. ;)

Hm, in the meantime, you'll be able to spend more time here! P

Hey there Dj

Jeez I am sorry about your lay off. My husband got laid off 8 months ago and it can be pretty hard. It is a epidemic and it doesnt seem to be slowing down at all.

Well we are here for ya at least in spirit. Looking forward to your participation and thanks for joining us.

Here is my DJ Smile

nice to see you here ;)
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