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Full Version: Hi there!
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Hey Jen

You made it...........Tisha jumps up and down P

Dont worry Mark will get the glitches worked out I am strill getting familar with everything myself.

I am so happy your here, We can talk about anything and everything.

Hi guys, I know its been awhile, but hopefully I'll be around more than I have

Nice set of smilies too!

However....whats this? [Image: 24.gif]

Or this? [Image: 77.gif]

And this one, is it supposed to be a little Dr. Seuss guy? [Image: 60.gif] it really does look like one!!
Just a few new toys to play with! [Image: 10.gif]
Yes, indeed, and there can never be enough new toys!!

[Image: 13.gif] [Image: 7.gif] [Image: 1.gif] [Image: 12.gif] [Image: 8.gif] (is that supposed to be throwing up?)

[Image: 76.gif] [Image: 17.gif] [Image: 21.gif] [Image: 25.gif] [Image: 4.gif]
Yes I think that is throwing up. [Image: 1.gif] Which gos well with this nose picking one LOL [Image: 2.gif]
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