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Full Version: Result with mones with weak personality and bad impression
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There is one topic that has very rarely been mentioned in the forum. What happens when a man is not very social and does not have a lot of humor, carisma and positive emotions. What happens if a man cannot arouse positive emotions in a woman and in general in those around him, but at the same time wears pheromones?

For example, a general answer would be ghosting due to incorrect congruence. If a man with low self-esteem wore a sexually alpha pheromone, it wouldn't come across as believable. Carrying heavy sexual pheromones can have a negative effect of making the woman feel harassed. It is often mentioned in the forum which positive effects the pheromones bring. It's less talked about the negative results if a "Not That Good at Game" man were to wear Pheomona.

What positive and negative results can happen if the man in the example above wears the following pheromones?:

With alpha imprint

With social flirting


social imprint

to me it just will go against your naturel phero signature and will confuse people honestly and give off negitive vibes
Pheromones improve self-esteem and can actually change inner dialogue
Honestly, I think you're overthinking everything.

How to be the perfect guy.

How to leave a great impression not a weak one.

The mones are an assist and some have great self effects but you've got to develop more self esteem.

You get a lot of dates from what I've read so I don't see why you're so negative. Anyone
Stop masterbating and you will be a better man with more self esteem.
(07-21-2022 4:48 PM)Indi-player Wrote: [ -> ]Stop masterbating and you will be a better man with more self esteem.

Masterbating in itself doesn't cause problems , it's only when it's excessive or its to porn with lots of stimulation that it TRAINS your body to develop premature ejaculation (see how fast porn makes men cum?) , and only respond to extreme stimuli. During my fathers and grandfathers days the closest movie to porn was "PORKY's". LOL! They didn't overstimulate their brains when masterbating. Nudity was as much as was shown.

Nowadays people who watch extreme porn not only are capable of developing premature ejaculation but also impotence. Soon enough only watching a dog fuck a woman up the ass will give these extreme porn watchers an erection.

Getting your SO to masturbate you off is a good practice that has never caused any problems for me. You learn to respond to a real persons touch and not only your own.

Having said that I limit masturbation to 1x week at my age.

I don't find my self esteem negatively effected at all.

Catholic Priests don't masturbate or watch porn at all and after a while their sex drive completely vanishes. So there is a case for masturbation.
Bring your facts and I will bring mine.

Go through the no fap groups and see how substantial their personal transformations are. They are not worshiping the Pussy anymore.

I've seen it with my own eyes through myself and friends as well as groups that you'll be a completely different person once you stop and you will see results as early as 30 days.

Don't take this the wrong way dsouza, you can perform this act however much you want and feel wonderful but based on experience, people who do it often are prisoned, and what mertos is describing shows he's in that prison

Mertos, tell me I'm wrong ?

I’m open to debate and others people’s opinion so it’s all cool Indi-player.

Personally, if I go without masturbating for over a week (and at this time in my life my SO and I are not having sex — using the blue pill is out of the question ) , my chronic anxiety only gets worse until the point I blow up at someone. I find masturbating calms me down.

Having said that I would prefer having sex with real women to masturbating any day. In fact, that is the way I was living pre-Covid when I went through half a dozen models in 2017, so I agree with you to some extent. However, keep in mind no fap still didn't solve my erections problems back then. Neither did TRT. I was using YG, or C, or V.
My thoughts from my limited experience is if someone who has a weak personality and bad impression, and is not very social and doesn’t have a lot of positive emotions uses pheromones, there’s a few things to consider:

1: Experimentation is necessary: Different pheromones can have different selfies, and gives different results with the individual’s profile and signature, one should really research and try different pheromones for best results. As always, “put it to the test” is the best way to know if something works.

2: Weapons of Choice: At the end of the day, pheromones are tools, and tools are powerful if used correctly. Experimenting helps to allow one to identify the gaps and what is missing due to wearer’s profile and pheromone signature.

3: Evolution: So if someone like that wears pheromones, I think the hope would be that the selfies eventually empowers the individual to have an overall better signature and profile over time. But if one is not willing to change, and doesn’t grow and evolve, even pheromones can only help so much and may even cause negative results like bad interactions or energetic crashes, etc.

4: Negative Effects: Now on negative effects, I think it can cause serious repulsion at times and sometimes weird vibes if the wearer doesn’t match the mone or dosage or combo is incorrect. With a social mone, I’ve noticed it can sometimes cause the female to talk more, but at the same time feel repulsed, and negatively react to any escalation. Another thing I’ve observed is some alpha mones can cause increased attention, almost like a spotlight effect, but the attention is negative, can feel awkward, and sometimes even causes other males to seem more challenging of you. With romance mones, sometimes one thing can be that a female acts a little more compliant during the live interaction, maybe even sharing contact, but ghosts or acts differently/more negatively on next contact whether text/call/live. All of this is the responsibility of the wearer. “Adapt or lose.”

Blessings. Hope this provided some insight/value. Gamer1
Topic Nofap:
I managed to stop masturbating for 100 days 2 years ago but I haven't gotten that much results. Because I hadn't solved the problem with women's options. I think much more efficiently now when it comes to options for women. My options when it comes to women isn't that bad but I don't have HB9s and HB 10s that I'm dating.

Topic of personality development:
I started taking new photos, posting on Instagram and understanding Tinder and Instagram algorithm better. I said to myself "I'll focus on this topic first and if I can get my pics and options up on women then I'll work on my game skills" I wanted to do this routine with photos and Instagram but after that the problem came with hot summer days. If the weather is good I think I have to go out, approach women and arrange a date for the swimming pool. I really managed to get dates with HB 8's in different places this summer but I had to work really hard for it. It has been over 25 degrees here in Germany for 2 weeks and it is very exhausting for me to focus on one thing. It's going to be really hot for another week. This time I will go to Amsterdam and the Dutch cities because I dare to speak to almost every woman in Holland and other countries. In Amsterdam you have tourists and Erasmus students from all countries. Unfortunately, in Germany you need a very good game, because women in Germany are very demanding and pay much more attention to body language, facial expressions and conversations than good looks.

Back to the topic:
The HolyDBeast has given a good answer to the topic of "Negative effects with pheromones". HolyDBeast has explained exactly what negative effects the individual pheromones can bring. I find this very interesting because it's interesting to know what negative effects psychologically other people get from wearing a strong alpha pheromone. Positive sides are: respect, VIP treatment and much more. Negative sides are: intimidation and ghosting. It can be interesting for some beginners who are looking for a pheromone and also become aware of the negative effects. In general, in advertising, one often talks about the positive sides of products. As for the defining pheromones, my thought would be that if you don't have particularly good communication skills, you make a negative impression on people. I don't know if that's true. It can be interesting for beginners if you know more about the negative sides Smile
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