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Full Version: Pheromone adaptation
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I was reading through the Houseofpheromones site and it says that pheromones can help you achieve a certain personality faster. If you go to the gym regularly, talk to people and women, Badwolf can help you develop those masculine attributes faster and become a more attractive man. I've noticed that there is more talk about alpha pheromones for personality development, e.g. AM, BW, AQ and Overdose.

What exactly are fallout and social pheromones? To what extent can a imprint pheromone develop personality if one wears pheromones regularly?
to me this is a 50/50
I believe it. Years of pheromone use have definitely steered my personality into a direction it otherwise wouldn't have gone.

Alphas especially. They have self effects that steer you into feeling/acting a certain way. They have outer effects that cause people to see/react to you in a certain way. Those reactions come back and steer how you feel and act, etc. etc. Am I the peak of alpha? No. And I never will be. But I am definitely more alpha thanks to pheromones than I otherwise would have been.
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