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Hey folks, PheroTruth moved to a shiny new server this morning, running the latest software and more powerful hardware. I have been checking forum functionality just to see if there are any glitches, but if any of you find something I've missed please let me know.
The thanks seem to be missing?
(03-17-2018 9:13 AM)RoadRacer Wrote: [ -> ]The thanks seem to be missing?

You're right, and unfortunately I can't fix it because it was a third party plugin that's been obsolete for a long time and isn't even available anymore, and the one we were using won't work on the new server software.

There's also a glitch with emails, which I'm going to have my programmer look at on Monday.
I can't make a new post to this forum. I was going to post a suggestion

EDIT: I posted it in the sub forum:
Can we create a 'like' button with a thumbs up icon instead of the 'thanks' button Mark? Smile
Posters and journal posters want to know whose reading and enjoying their posts. A like or thank button is mandatory imo.
The thanks button was slightly incentivizing
+1 on the Thanks button. Always nice to know who liked your post.
+2 on the "Thank" button, and agree with the other members in that I like to know who read my post, and who really liked it. Mark, perhaps you can have your programmer look into an updated version of the thank feature?
I could have my programmer do a lot of things, but I do have to pay the guy, and since LAL lost their merchant account the affiliate commissions the forum generates haven't even been covering the cost of keeping the forum running and its been costing me between $75 - $200 a month out of my pocket just to keep it the forum up.

If anyone here has programming skills and wants to put in the time and effort to go through the old plugin and make it work with the newer software though, I'm happy to let them do it.
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