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NONE of the Pheromone Treasures products seem to work for me at all. I SEE NOTHING at ALL. Yes, I can get a headache from them if I apply TOO much, but I don't get any reactions, or even self effects at all.

I have used:




I'm really disappointed that I can't seem to get Swoon to work. I was expecting it to be a NUDE/XIST type of vibe. Unfortunately I have been testing this for weeks, and I am not seeing anything, nor any self effects. It's crazy because as soon as I switch back to ANY other product, I see all the typical phero hits. (Girls smiling at me, men and women trying to talk to me, and everyone being super polite and respectful). Then when I switch back to Swoon, I don't see anything. I have also tried anywhere from 2 to 10 drops. Nonetheless, this product shouldn't have any ODing effects.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Has any one else found the PT products to be a DUD for them?
Except Swoon i can second that i didnt see much from PT products.
I tried GOA THU AT Captain oil. The effects for me and my enviroment are barely noticeable. Switching to BW AV VD NA is like i enter another world.
Dont know but maybe its a body chemistry mismatch or a question of age. Most of the LAL guys are older if i remember correctly. But i am not sure about that.
I believe that the way PT makes their products they buffer out the intimidation and edge. When I wore the hookup with its high Androstenone levels I saw no intimidation from women. When I wore Alpha Treasures solo I didn’t see any intimidation from women even though it is Androstenone driven. GOA is the most attention grabbing Androstenone free product I have ever tried but it is the most edgeless product I have ever tried too.

I think the guys who want products with an edge don’t like this product line. The guys who like nicer products without the edge love the product line.

SXD-9 combos really well with the PT product line I have found. It seems to have something in it that provides the edge missing in the PT product line.
Edgeless is one good way to describe Swoon. It takes the edge off my natural signature which has pros and cons.

I got a euphoric feeling after Swoons 4th tryb I assume you’ve tried mega dosing Swoon.

That’s the only PT product I’ve tried enough to feel confident speaking about with assurance. I’ve tried captain about ten times so far and have noticed a good VIP vibe
I ran Swoon for about a month straight and didn't notice a thing. It was like I was wearing nothing. I'll go back to it at some point and see if I can make it work.

I've used Captain oil a lot since I got it and it's a pretty good product in my opinion. Likable, cool guy VIP. There are other products in this category I prefer.

I've used The Hookup once from a sample and had a good night out. I agree it's not intimidating, but I got some moderate self effects from the Androstenone. I think it does something, had good interactions with women that night.

I'm yet to try GOA and AT, but they're high up on my to-do list.
(01-25-2018 10:50 AM)xtraspecial Wrote: [ -> ]I'm really disappointed that I can't seem to get Swoon to work.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Has any one else found the PT products to be a DUD for them?

Yes,'re not the only one. I have purchased 2 products from them thus far, namely GoA and Swoon with a sample of THU....unscented all of them.

I can't say that I saw much from any of them. With GoA, I can smell the mones in the bottle...yet, haven't really seen any effects on others that I can definitively conclude were a result of the product. Just as you have...I have tried all dosages..from one drop to even 10. Nothing.

Same with Swoon...though earlier last year, I thought that I had a massive hit with Swoon (reported in the appropriate thread approx March/April '17) I'm beginning to think that the target was simply impressed with my conduct and appearance alone rather than attributing it to Swoon like I did. Why? Since then, I haven't been able to replicate any hits like that day in many different settings/warm temperatures...nothing. I am disappointed thus far because I was hoping for the off the wall hits that other listmates are reporting.

-stock standard....poor compatibility with body chemistry? maybe.

-bad batch? perhaps. It can happen with any vendor. I've stored mine in a cool dark place so it wouldn't be from my end.

-unscented versions have poorer diffusion? Okay..maybe...considering astaxanthin is a heavy molecule to lift into the air from what I've heard. In order to ameliorate this, I added Cinis Labs ISO e Super concentrate directly into the bottle to the tune of approx. 10% of the volume of each bottle. Agitated and aged them for many weeks. Also, was sure to always use a cover scent experimenting with various ways of covering....mones on bottom, cover on top....cover on bottom, mones on top. I even asked Bonadz how he covers...he said, apply the mones, wait about 30 seconds till it is somewhat drier...while still wet...spray on cover.

With my sample of THU (also unscented)...used in combo with GoA during sex with wife. Nothing remarkable. Wore THU alone or with GoA to various places, once again nothing remarkable to report.

Thus far, I can't say that I've had any meaningful results with these. I don't want to write them off as of yet. In the future, I would buy just Swoon alone and request a sample of AT...all SCENTED to further test...maybe the vanilla scent because I could add my own colognes in proximity so as to complement the vanilla scent even more. Chicks love vanilla smell.
(01-25-2018 11:30 AM)metaltree Wrote: [ -> ]I think the guys who want products with an edge don’t like this product line. The guys who like nicer products without the edge love the product line.

Its like driving a Benz or Porsche.
At the end they both hear: "You have reached your destination" Big Grin
I agree with mealtree about no intimidation from PT products.

I've used Swoon, GOA, THU (sample), ETFZ, and Captain spray. I've also used and have BW, AV, DP, NA, A4NA, VD, Nude, 6d9, Posesses and maybe a few other from LAL that I can't think of right now.

Very different company means very different products. Everything I've worn above has worked for me. Xist spray and a few others have not, but others love them.

Here is what you can try. Do you have an observant Phero buddy? I am that buddy for my friends. Put some PT products on your buddy and you stay phero free and watch.

I've shown people (my friends) hits that they didn't see because they were subtle. After I pointed them out, they would I get it. I saw hits, but it wasn't like they thought it would be.

Case in point....I was wearing ETFZ ( been wearing this one exclusively, lately) and the waitress kept coming by our table (male friend). I told him...That's a hit. What do you mean, that's a hit? I counted on a bar napkin the number of times she came to our table (a 2 top) compared to the other much larger tables. It was crazy. She smiled a lot and lightly touched my shoulder, every time she came over. I had my friend watch how she treated the other tables and then....he saw what I meant. I'm married and didn't escalate.

She mentioned a movie and if I was single, I would have pulled that string so that I could take her to that movie. My friend did that (after I told him too) and she said, yes.

He made out with her and didn't really watch the movie.

I like all of the products I listed above except the one that I can't get to work or can't see working. I've had woman get up and leave the area when I had on BW....I don't mind because it's a filter. PT products don't intimidate. They are very smooth to me and I think of mones like music. PT is Jazz (instrumental). LAL is Metal/Rap/Gangster Country, loud in your face.....bitch better have my pussy.
(01-25-2018 12:07 PM)DarkLord1 Wrote: [ -> ]PT is Jazz (instrumental). LAL is Metal/Rap/Gangster Country, loud in your face.....bitch better have my pussy.

Now its clear! I hate Jazz and love Metal.
Thanks for making it clear Wink
I have used Thu and Goa from PT.

GOA did what it was supposed to but to me it was way too much comfort so after much comparing and contrasting I somehow prefer pure Androstadienone .

Thu didn't do anything at all except the very first time I used it or at least anything that I could notice . Ended up selling my bottle
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