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Just my opinion but this forum needs a Moderator.

The inmates are running the asylum. No offense to Mark at all. You can't see everything.

I ran a tight ship at SoSuave. I had to. The membership was growing by about 8,000 new members a year. This forum is so loosy goosy (to me). It's a nice place but I don't feel comfortable posting here anymore. Now I see why Thundr, Steve O, Terry don't post anymore.

Mark you are very light with the ban hammer but maybe 30 day suspensions are in order for repeat offenders. Instead of just banning posters I used to sometimes give them a 30 day ban. Generally after a warning PM and 2 posted warnings (for repeated offenses. 3 time offender) I would apply a penalty.

The Admin gave me free reign but I consulted with him when dealing with Vets.

No reflection on Mark who is doing an excellent job. Every boss has a pit bull that he uses to keep order. This forum needs a pit bull.

Just my opinion.
What instances are you talking about? I think this forum is ran fine.
(10-25-2017 12:05 PM)BigDickBandit420 Wrote: [ -> ]What instances are you talking about? I think this forum is ran fine.

I was going to ask the same question. Can you provide some examples of what you are referring to as far as behaviors that should result in suspensions or outright bans?
I'm a little confused. I just got a note from Terry the other day. He may not post as much, but he is still on the board. SteveO and Thundr are both vendors.

SteveO has his own forum and occasionally I'll see a note from Thundr, but I imagine Thundr lays low because he is a vendor.

I do agree that people may not feel as comfortable posting as some time ago, but I think that a few factors are at play and forum management is not one of them.
Inmates? Hahaha. How pathetic. How lonely. How insecure.
(10-25-2017 4:59 PM)Androcles Wrote: [ -> ]Inmates? Hahaha. How pathetic. How lonely. How insecure.

I honestly wondered the exact same thing but thought I would try to politely ask for clarification because it seemed like everyone was getting thrown under the bus.
The timing is quite obvious. I read socialpaths tell themselves that displaying some sort defense in projecting offense. I thought to myself... about that movie....losers are gonna lose and “ainters are gonna aint”.
He gave me -10 reps for name calling lol. The real name calling is when Paradox was lashing out at Spider-Mone.

Your behavior is unacceptable for a healthy community Paradox.
Wow Bandit! What a little bitch this Paradox is.


I really like this forum. I've made plenty of friends and think you are doing a fantastic job. Most of us do. I have so much more to contribute. My best reviews and reports are yet to come. I have a ton of stuff to share. In fact, this forum opened a new part of my life I've devoted my time, energy and efforts. I'm grateful to this forum being the door opener. I appreciate all you guys.

But this little EST-producing, stubby chode-scrape residue named Paradox should go. Day in a day out he wastes peoples' time. It's quite obvious the guy contributes nothing but conflagration. He was banned at other places for a reason that follows him here.

It's gotta be him or me. If you feel he is worth it more, I'm gone. I promise I won't sign up with another account. I can do more with my time. Some day I'll be a vendor, but I won't return here if you keep him. I've had enough.

Please think about this Mark. Let me know what you think. I can start deleting what work I can.

We listened to you and talked in private to leave Paradox alone and he starts up yet another Thread.

Paradox, you piece of shit, you will always be a loser. Look in the mirror and realized nothing.
Is it possible to run a poll and see who likes to keep Paradox and who likes to ban him?
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