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Full Version: Male sweat boosts women's hormone levels - UC Berkeley
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Quote:Compared to their response when sniffing a control odor (yeast), the women who sniffed androstadienone reported an improved mood and significantly higher sexual arousal, while their physiological response, including blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, also increased. This was consistent with previous studies.
No, no no no. All that pheromone crap, or what have ye, is all CRAP. It Don't work, mkay. Them berkley people LIE.

Who gave me caffeine. Anyway. I'm glad mones are still on the downlow Smile
(04-19-2017 9:20 PM)Arsenic Wrote: [ -> ]Them berkley people LIE.

Don't say that, you'll hurt their feelings and they'll need to run off to a safe space, or decide to organize a protest against PheroTruth. sideLol
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