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Hello everyone! Been lurking around this forum for the past 5 or 6 months (with more or less the same amount of time experience with pheromones) and decided to finally sign up and try to contribute to the site.

Just wanted to say my initial reason of interest in pheromones was, of course, to get better at interacting with women. But, my goals and interests quickly changed to focusing on internal transformation and for the self-effect aspects. So far, I feel like I've come a long way, and in many ways, a new man, but don't get me wrong, I still have a VERY LONG way to go to accomplish my many internal goals. However, the changes that have come so far, I attribute 100% to this forum. I want to especially thank as33156 for introducing me to the world of subliminals and Futureman on your thread on books on social skills, presence, charisma, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to quickly write about my very first experience with pheromones and how I was introduced to this forum before I get back to work. My first purchase was RawChemistry from Amazon stupid At the time, I believe it had hundreds of reviews, and a 4.5 star rating. Also, for less than $30, I thought to myself, it couldn't hurt to try and wasn't too expensive for what might eventually turn out to be snake oil. So for the next couple of weeks, excited to try out my new 'love potion,' I was super confident and hopeful to meet and date many women very soon. Even though I absolutely hated the way it smelled, I kept telling myself I would find a date and possible long term relationship in no time. For the first few days, I saw lots of IOIs and met and number closed six women. After the third or fourth day, my results dropped off significantly, but still tried using the product for the next week or so. Finally, I became frustrated to the point of spending an entire night googling "do pheromones work," "how do pheromones work," "pheromone reviews," and eventually, "RawChemistry review." LOL That last google search is what ultimately lead me to this forum. And so my journey began...
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Welcome aboard!
Hello again! Wanted to expand on my last post and list my purchases so far, including samples received.

LAL: NAG, Wolf, Hypnotica, OD (sample), BW (sample)

PT: GOA, Swoon, Captain, THU, Alpha Treasures (sample), Androstadienone oil (sample)

PXS: Xist oil, Androstadienone (50mcg/spray), Cohesion (sample), SOB (sample), Evolve (sample)

Alpha Dreams: Glace (FB silicone), LIIK v1 (sample)

Only recently purchased the ones from Alpha Dreams and PXS (except the A-1 spray), so I've not had much experience with them yet. But so far, my favorites are NAG, Wolf, Hypnotica, and Swoon. Will do a review on the ones I've had decent experience with so far as soon as I find time to take another look at my journal.
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