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Full Version: New/Introduction
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Like most newbies, I've done an extensive amount of reading and research before taking the plunge.

Had an interested lady-friend for a good two months, and things all of a sudden "didn't feel right" after we had sex. I didn't think I was THAT bad, lol! However, the communication slowly disintegrated and now things are sort of slipping from my fingers. I've been eyeballing XiSt for this reason (as a supplement, not a solution), and am waiting for the oil to restock on the PXS website - I'd prefer it over a spray, I think.

Goals are to see if I can find a way to reignite that old flame (i.e., get out of the friendzone/beta state) and maybe get out into the hunting/dating world again. I've read plenty of the recommendation lists, so I'll probably be targeting Taboo, Nude Alpha, and L2Kv1.

Any suggestions, hints, tips or random trolls are welcome. Also, if anyone with experience happens to know when the XiSt oil will restock again, or if anyone knows where else besides the PXS website to purchase, I'd be pretty grateful. I roamed their site specific forum without success on those types of updates.

Nude Alpha is good one for this. Many people claim it to be good relationship mones. My test shows the similar result. Don't keep the dosage same. Change NA dosage regularly. It will help you a lot. Also, limit the time you meet with her. Going silent for a week and re-connecting will help. She needs to feel strongly for you to fall. It is pull and push game now.

Welcome !
Everything mentioned here is spray variants! So can't comment on Oil XIST even though as you, I've only read good things about it.. You could however consider something like XIST Oil and Evolve oil since both should be hard, although slow hitters. Check it up on the board for others experiences

As I understand, you are more of a good guy than a Bad Boy.. correct?

XIST is good in the sense that it will reset her feelings/mood/atmosphere for you... Maybe a reset would be needed after that round there Pilot Just kidding bro.. Just remember.. XIST isn't a here and now fixer, you need to meet up with her several times to make it work... 4-5 times is good with 1 hour or more time together each time.

But XIST alone might be too romantical or a little too soft when you already have had the whole round... XIST is good with Alfa Maschio (AM), and AM does spark up something else than just XIST alone..

Now I haven't tried this so I can't say from experience, but it almost sounds as she wan't more of a rush or something like that, and I would throw this up for suggestion, and more experienced members would have an opinion on this from experience:

SOB XS is supposed to be badass giving a vibe that you're sexually nonchalant, copulins.. You have been with others... and that you don't really care that much ... SOB + XIST maybe.. Check it up, lot's of reporting on that too...
on word for your situation: Voodoo, with or without witch shit on it.
I appreciate the feedback, all.

Kalpan, I went ahead and ordered NA. I've read nothing but good things on it, so I figured it's definitely worth a try. I'll have to see if I can work it in successfully with XiSt.

Boss, not exactly good, but not bad either. I either tell too many jokes or I am too serious, - I think that's my problem, lol. I don't think I'm too nice or good, but I do think I need something to pump out some sex appeal/bad boy vibes. Any thoughts on AM vs L2Kv.1 or even Taboo for bringing out the "dark sex appeal" a bit?

storm, checking out a few Voodoo review threads. I've read a bit on it, but haven't seen it too often in comparison to the others.
As i said, your situation=voodoo, trust me
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