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Does anyone has asked thundr the reason behind this new Test Kitchen's product? Sounds to me that it's a mix of atlas + tusc and attars combined into one. What do you guys think?
I have worn Chamber 36 one time. I wore one drop (it wasn't a drop). I put enough on my finger to be about a bulb drop, then put it on my neck.

This was during a late lunch that turned into a happy hour with more friends showing up.

I got laid.

But much later that night.

But it was from a chick I had bedded one other time a couple months before and hadn't seen her again. But she happened to be where I was and came over and said 'hi.' I'm sure she got a whiff of the Chamber as we hugged and I introduced her to a friend. A few texts later (two tables over - kinda fun) and she agreed to text me later after dinner with her friend.

When we met up later I had added something else, I think NA and a drop of New Pheromone Additive on pelvis (sorry it was December, I don'
Chamber 36

Dates of use: Saturday 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 18th

On February 4th, the day after I received Chamber 36, I took CMB36 for a spin. The first time I smelled the fragrance, I was like “Yes!” in my mind.

Having a mone baked with fragrance runs a huge risk. If the fragrance is not what I like, I can never experience the mone power value. The fragrance mixed in hurt AV and Wolf usage for me. Though, I also experienced some flaws with them just like everything else.

With Sex Magnet, my first time, I put too much on and got a headache. I put the sample aside and didn’t touch it for weeks. I did see something, but I had a tough time with the smell. One day, I played a random sample game with myself and tried it on again. The wife mentioned about it, so I kept it on and you guys know the rest. That is a great mix.

Chamber 36 fragrance mixes well with other fragrances. It does. I’ve worn designer colognes with Chamber 36. Some examples include: Creed- Green Irish Tweed, Armani Code, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, YSL La Nuit, CH Men Priva and Versace The Dreamer. I did not mix the colognes with the CMB36 app points. Adjacent.

CMB36 behind the ear x2 (1 inch circle swirl). Two vertical strokes behind the neck at 2 inches twice over--4 strokes total. 6 applications total.
3 hours later, I apply more. No diminishing returns.

1. CMB36 Hits hard, hits fast. Powerful. Projection is great. 5-8 feet after more testing was done from what I said earlier.

2. I got a heavy dose of looks. So blantant. If you walk into a room of 10 people within about 7-8 feet of you. 8 of 10 will turn and look as you walk in. The remaining 2 will look at you in 3 seconds. I was amazed at this I keep being annoying man at the mall. Poke myself into each shop. Don't buy anything. Just get the satisfaction of the hilarious attention testing. LOL

This is no exaggeration, this happened more than enough times and then some.

3. Great for anytime. Day, Night, in space. It's fantastic!

4. Compliance city. Where I live, busy-ass, professionally abridged and pretensious people naturally can be rude. Lots of folks are not the friendliness experience providing people I get, like from southern USA. This the metro East Coast. All walks of life. Mostly disciplined. Chamber 36 gives me some slack on first bite. I love the effects. You have to try it. Door opening sessions are something you will enjoy.

5. I don't think I appear sexy or anything like that. I don’t get a sense of beautification like Sex Magnet. Women aren't wondering. They know who is shining. This is rockstar feeling. Chamber 36 is the best mone blend efficacy I've ever seen so fast, so powerful. I've already used 2ml. (a lot is due to the fastburn of it)

6. Selfies are through the roof. I feel unusually poised and unflappable. Similar to bad wolf confidence, but not that "bad-guy-fuck-you" feeling. Just like "I own" everything. Pure elevated status. You don't feel aggressive, but "SUPREMELY CAPABLE".

7. Women will often double-take and look at my shoes, my chest. In lines, women will not be buried head into a cellphone. They are making sneaky looks through the corner of their eyes if they are in front of me. Positioning themselves to just be sideways, but not too obvious about their “observe-me” game.

8. Women with kids will tell their kids to say excuse me to the "gentleman" when they are close to me. I wasn't even in their way or the kids weren't in my way.

9. I was at the car shop getting service. It took 3 people behind the counter to come and say something to me. One is enough to handle my interaction, but the other two had to just say something to me. 2 guys and 1 girl. There was a poor customer guy frustrated in line waiting for me to leave. LOL. Hilarious. Not to worry. I'll have more stories to share.

10. This is a great social blend for socially getting things done during the day. You just AndrosteRone your way through people like you're this magnificent beast decorated with gold metals.

11. At the bar scene is great too. At night this is what you want. I know guys like V-Nice, DarkLord1, Bandit, Kalpan56, and Dr.Chocolate would enjoy this attention power.

12. For the sex stuff and closing, I'm sure you can talk your way to something. I say this, because it will come from you. The mix brings out a great sense of worth feeling, so high, you will spit out your best chatter. It is a motivation, but not aggression based. You feel really cool as shit and I felt no worries about anything. There is added courage too.

13. Chamber 36 is not for the shy guy. It is not for the guy that sits there wanted people to talk to him. It works. You may get one or two people to come close, but like all other mones, you need to open your mouth. This will make conversations something to remember.

14. Fragrance duration is about 4-5 hours. It tapers off at 3 hours gradually.

15. Mone effects last about 3-4 hours on me. It burns up fast on me.

16. Around the wife? I love the effects. She’s been really cool lately. Just cool. I can crack jokes without her eye-rolling sometimes (sometimes I say stupid things). She compliments me left and right. I swear. I can’t believe it. What the heck this juice is? She loves trying to get my attention. She’s been cutting up fruit to bring to me wherever I’m at. Usually, she calls me to the kitchen. She wants to talk. I give a lot a credit to Chamber 36 and Classic Man for being solid mixes to wear all the time. Sex Magnet is for nightclubs and bars. M3X is for nightclubs and bars. GOA will be sidelined. Brute is done.

My next write up I’ll go into details about my TOP 5 and why. I will compare mones in my collection and go over nuances, pros and cons of how they will fit or not fit into my life at this time. I also want to compare Classic Man, Core, Orbital, Glace and Wolf.

I’ve been wearing Chamber 36 for the last three days and today on top of the 4th weekend.

My last test kitchen experience with FiveCrux A-1 was a complete and utter disappointment. I might not be able to sell it?[Image: dodgy.gif]

I hope Thundr makes Chamber 36 available to buy. [Image: biggrin.gif]

[Image: vCm7pg.png]
Great report.

Can you describe the scent? Notes, sillage, tenacity/longevity, its evolution etc? In particular, how does the scent change when the ambroxan has burned off? If you've smelled real ambergris before, how does it compare?

Fucking outstanding Androcles! You're "tale of the tape" style reviews are an anomaly. Appreciated by many. Hi

I can’t put my finger exactly on a designer kind, but a lot of the Aventus flankers base-notes reminders. Some Paco Invictus dry down. My olfactory sense is just as individualistic as others....(just to manage expectations.) Update: Luna Rossa by Prada for men comes the closest in building a scent signature at the dry down heart stage. Don't expect it to be the same exactly. It is just a good similar tone I can find at the moment.

Notes are sophisticated individually, but the total assembly are all base notes. This means the transition is not too dynamic. Fixatives and exultants are what these are. I don’t notice a significant evolution in scent transition. You are at base notes from the start. I’ve never smelled real ambergris, but this could have real NZ sperm whale ambergris in it, it’s not hard to get. If you dilute it, you can provide a bulk set of mixtures. Ambroxide or Ambroxan is a based on similar notes to the raw Ambergris from my understanding. There are depths of differences, but I'm not that gifted to distinguish like an expert perfumer. Aphrodisiac elements? Seems some on the interwebs are convinced.

Perhaps Thundr is using raw components. I don’t know.

Since the scent strengths are leaning towards the light, musky, ambery, low sweetness scale, you can use Chamber 36 with many other fragrances in your disposal. I don't mix them, I just apply adjacently.

The fragrance evaporation is quick on me. In 3-4 hours, I get whiffs periodically on wind drafts, but I’m sure, I’m the only one that can smell it. Being applied on the back of my neck is the reason.

Projection is low – personal space

Sillage is low – your vape trail is not lingering, personal space radius

Longevity – 4-5 hours but 3 hours of pure strength, tapering significantly afterwards

If I’m thinking back to my childhood, it reminds me of my dad’s aftershave in sweet musk. Not too strong, but masculine. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, he used unique lotions, colognes, ointments and shaving liquids from foreign locations.


Thank you V-Nice. I always appreciate your support of my contributions!
Yeah when you deal with some of the pricier musks you really have to go with collecting the raw ingredients and making the preparations yourself. That is the only way I have found that is cost effective enough to study them in the quantity that it needs. I could have used retail tinctures at retail price and just mixed it together myself. If that were the case I would have had to heavily market and drastically jack up the prices in the kitchen on products I don't know much about. That would make me a businessman instead of a science dork. Lol

So I rolled up my sleeves and got the full experience. The main point is that I had full control over what I was using and could establish that as the baseline while still keeping costs down in the process. So I educated myself on ancient musk preparations and used modern methods when needed.
You can buy a fully assembled crate engine and have it installed or you can rebuild another one do it yourself. Depends on how gritty you are willing to get.
But... Say 5k miles on the new engine your EGR valve gets clogged and you lose horsepower. Do you keep driving a wounded bird, do you take it back to the shop for repairs, or do you do it yourself? A person's answer is limited depending on how dirty he decided to get in step one.

The use of animal musk goes back ages so Ruthvah type mixes were really ahead of their time. Those who mixed different musks most assuredly had knowledge of their individual properties. Else why would they mix them together for combined effect? Why not just wear them solo?
So I've studied these musks for a couple years now and have seen similarities to our own human musks. The old school "sex appeal" aka ruthvah style mixes include ratios of civet, musk, ambergris. Very similar to how the perfume industry works and how we create mones in ratios.
Civet seems to act alot like androstenone.
Ambergris is androsterone-ish.
The deer musk added something that seemed to buffer the civet while tying in the ambergris. However, it never really stood out under my attempts at translation. My thoughts at first were A1 but over time now it seems more complicated than that. Figures.

So guys like Crowley and Solomon (probably Rasputin too) who used "sex appeal" type musk mixes were using them as pheromones much akin to our little modern day community.
These ancient alchemists were using their knowledge to ramp up pheromone signatures in precise combinations much beyond solo mixes. I decided to take what I learned from their wisdom and combine it with what I've experienced from my own pheromone experiments and start making some cool shit.
Definately cool stuff! Can't wait to get more!
Hi Androcles,

Are you sure about the duration? 3-4 hours seems to be very low. Does the impact mellow down? or is it completely gone ?

Hi Kalpan,

You talking about mone power? I just stop noticing the blatant stuff at that time range. I'm sure the Androstenone is still present. I just don't notice anything remarkable after 3-4 mark. That's just my experience. When I reapply, the Effects come back. I think Androsterone-s is the main IOI generator ...including the fragrance.

You guys may get more time out of the mone effects on first application.
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