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Full Version: NCIS sucks without DiNozzo...
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I rarely watch anything on TV, but NCIS was one of the few shows I could actually sit through. Since DiNozzo left, it's been more like a soap opera than anything else. Last night was especially bad.

The new female agent ditches work to got to a bar. Then she & Gibbs stand around talking about their feelings. I actually forgot I was watching NCIS. Doesn't seem like the same show.

There's the black MI5 (or whatever) agent, the other new guy (Torres?) and added all up they still don't bring anything to the show. And why the hell does McGee keep losing so much weight? Bulimia?

Weatherly's new show sucks too. A jury consultant? I went into a comma after 10 minutes of the season opener.

NCIS is circling the drain...
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