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Full Version: Is PT reliable company?
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(09-01-2016 12:28 PM)Fiedler Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

a few days ago I made an order of mones from Pheromone Tresures.

I transfered money via Paypal, got a receipt and order confirmation but no shipping information.

Basically I don't know if the package was sent at all. I sent inquiry and reminders to the general email response.

Are they reliable company? The package has to be sent to Europe. Anybody has experience with them?

I'm late responding, but PT is very reliable. I had a small problem with an order, and Bonadzz fixed it for me without any delay.
In MY experience they are EXTREMELY reliable AND honest.
I have found their products to be of high quality as well.
+1 solid
Ok, everything is fine with the customer service and delivery and I got the product delivered to Europe within 2 weeks.
I have never had any problems with PT that being said I am in the US and they are also as far as shipping is concerned. Their products are very good quality.
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