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Oh my Oh my people weren't lying when they talked about drops for Evolved.

Over the weekend i went out on a date with a filipino girl (a friend of a friend). so i got my Pheromone pack and decided to go with Evolve alone. So i took my dropper and just dropped one drop onto the center of my neck to spread around the neck area.

We started off well after dinner she grabed my hand while we went for a walk. As we walked thru the park she came closer and closer getting a wisp of the smell neck. After walking a while she asked me you game to come to my place. I followed her into her apartment where she went to freshen up. I went by the couch and watched some TV. She came out wearing really short shorts and a spagetti top no bra drool. Sitting beside me she placed her head near my neck area and casually looking up at me while taking in the mones.

She took the initiative and pushed me unto her bed area and jammed her tongue into me giving me a good 10 minute frencher. It was nuts~ I'm like HelpHelpHelp Need air she was eating my mouth my tongue.

Let me say it went a bit further from there and I can safely say that DON'T MESS WITH THE POWER OF EVOLVE!!! HAHAHA
Great experience my friend! For me, right now, nothing has beat Evolve in the sexual department! It kicks ass!
Evolve is AWESOME! I always have great luck with it.
Great report! I've only got the spray, but it's stories like this that make me want to invest in the oil.
(05-21-2015 1:44 PM)Cornfed Wrote: [ -> ]Great report! I've only got the spray, but it's stories like this that make me want to invest in the oil.

The spray works really well but I prefer the oil. I feel that it 'hits' harder and the effects last longer.
I've yet to test my Evolve oil. Been waiting for the opportunity to do so. Is it best for a one-on-one date? Or to clubs? I guess you wouldn't wear it during the day?
I've liked what Evolve did for me as a spray, but when I shell out for my next oil, I'm really starting to lean toward Domination. I love the huge none blends. Some of the best times I had came from just lots of none.
Rather than ask where and when you can't wear evolve (I suspect it might be a long list), I'll ask instead: where and when would you wear evolve?
A quick post from me about Evolve which I've had for a week, my first mones.

I was sitting at a cafe when a woman who I never met before, who was standing to the side of me talking to the proprietor, her husband right next to her, puts her hand on my shoulder. A moment or two later, she removed her hand and carried on as if it never happened. I also behaved as if it hadn't happened, didn't turn to look her way so don't know how the others reacted.

Over the past week, I've been run at four times by women. I could see them peripherally as they approached me with a quick pace and it looked like they were moving with intent. The first time this happened, I thought the woman was going to ram into me. They all either abruptly changed direction just before they entered my physical space or stopped and stood just outside of it but facing in a different direction. I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar.

At the cafe, I was wearing two sprays of Evolve to the neck and the woman was in her 50s' (I'm 45). I should mention that the last time I got run at was by the cafe proprietor yesterday, following the hand on shoulder incident. I also noticed that she walked in a way that made her big breasts really bounce. Big breasted women usually avoid walking with too much of a spring in their step as it can be uncomfortable and even painful for them. Wow, it was quite a sight.

Re the proprietor, who is a very sexy woman in her mid 30s', I was there a few days ago with BCE on and it was just the two of us inside the cafe which is very small, not much more than a prep area, all the tables are outdoors. She must've been hit pretty hard, because yesterday it took her a while to interact with me. It felt to me like she was avoiding me and that's strange on her part. This makes sense if you take into account that she is in a relationship, her guy's away doing his national service, and she wouldn't allow herself to be disloyal to him.

Well, it's more than I initially intended to post, but this juice has been providing me with a string of bizarre but delightful occurrences. As a novice, I still have to have left the scene of the crime before I process what happened. Lots of 'wtf!'s
I wore a spray of Evolve to work today and my coworker (guy) asked why I smell like acetone, and he's right. I smell it, too.
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