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I have heard this from many pheromone vendors I have talked to in the past.  Most surprisingly from a female one.....Jasmin of Androtics. 

Women dont really need sexy products,  socials are much better for them.  :sarcastic_hand:

Over the years I have helped many women and men, mostly in person but also for androtics in there intro section and privately when they needed help with mones.  I would say 90% of the women I talk to are looking for something to up there sex appeal.   

Some are married and are looking to spice up a stalled marriage.  Some are single and are looking for Mr Right.

My question to both the Men and the women is why did you seek out mones in the very beginning when you first started.

Was it social or more on the sexual side ? 


For me, I have always been into aromatherapy of sorts and loved perfumes and scents.  I went to a Naughty Nightie party where they had a small bottle of pheromones called Pure Instinct which we all tried out.  Course I bought it with a few other sexy goodies LOL    My whole reason for being there was to find some items to spice up my marriage which I always believed should be a ongoing endeavor.   Of course I also went to support my friend who was having the party.  After using PI with some subtle effects I got curious and began searching for pheromones online.  There was not much to choose from back then and I shopped at Love Scent and a few other places that have disappeared over the years. 

I still like to use them for spicing things up in my marriage.  But I enjoy the close bonding ones as well around my hubby.     I also love them for there social side now and the effects you can get on others with just your normal products like Alpha Androstenol Beta Androstenol and TAA. 


That's a tough one, as I can say that I think girls don't really need pheromones to be sexual as I personally would like a girl no matter how purely social her pheromone signature may be. However, I know some girls would beg to differ and say that they'd like to achieve sexual IOI from men/husbands, and therefore go for a sexual pheromone signature. Really I don't blame them because us men would say the same.

I voted sexy because about 12 years ago i walked into a pharmacy and the man directed me to a small bottle in velvet bag when i asked him for some smelly to use when dating, i dont remember what it was called, and yes when i had applied it the very first girl i spoke to did a little later on  say that i  had a sexy smell about me, and she did often repeat this on other dates when i had splashed a little on. 

A month before meeting the girl mentioned above i did have a girl friend around 20 years younger than me and she needed um er attention several times a day and also at night this went on for a good five months and it was good for me because i did not have an ounce of fat on me and not a trace of love handles funnily enough.

A week after we parted company i was in desperate need of a hot woman, any woman  would have been appreciated. 
As it so happened i was walking past a bus stop and i noticed a blond girl look at me so i immediatelly stopped and said " The way that you looked at me with those come on eyes makes me feel like jumping on top off you" She said no way because she was religious J.W.

After passing her for several days in a row at the bus stop she did stop me and said that she had been thinking about what i had said and that she would now like to become friends with me.  

I eventually gave the 3/4 full bottle away to a buddy who was hard up for a date, but the memory of pheromones did stay with me and has led me to use it now for social, business, and also attraction purposes.

Hmmm- hard to say - my original purpose was really for life at home - A-1/Instant Female Magic to calm the stormy days, B-nols/IH to help improve conversation, and a dash of none to spice things up from time to time. Wife and I were both working high stress jobs at the time and it was too easy to come home stressed and stress each other and the family out.

For me the social goes with the sexual. If I'm feeling sexy then I'm feeling more out going and bubbly and the social follows. Plus one can never have too much sex appeal imo and when you have been with someone for 7+ years it's nice to have another little trick in your arsenal. Unfortunately my guy has always had low testosterone and I have a very high drive but even if my guy doesn't directly respond to some of the products as long as other men react and flirt that helps to get him going too.

They're both fun. And to answer your question about why I sought pheromones out in the first place - I didn't. I just kind of stumbled on to PheroTalk, and was like, wow, this looks weird and possibly fun. And because weird, fun things are right up my alley, I checked it out, and here I am! Smile
I sought out pheromones because I wanted to attract more male attention. I focused a lot on the sexy Pheromones, because that's how I wanted to be perceived. But I have found that the socials are great as well and can be worn around a greater variety of people. And some men have an aversion to the sexy Pheromones. The guy I fancy right now responds best to the social Pheromones, so I'm sticking with them for a while.
I'd love to be able to say that I was interested for purely social reasons but the truth is, I was lonely and desperate. Little did I know just what an impact the social Pheromones would have on my life! The socials are what really helped me come out of my shell and feel comfortable around people again. Both definitely have their place and I use them both quite a bit. I do have to admit to wearing way too many phero blends that aren't really appropriate for daytime use but I do like the reactions I get. Blush
I can't remember how I actually came across Pheromones the first time...but I tried them to spice up sex. I am in a Long Term Relationship and I feel you always need to keep changing things up. Then I discovered androstenone & cops and RAWR! This combo I still keep in a little roller bottle in my bedside table.

Since then, though, I mostly use Pheromones in social settings. Not to say I don't wear sexual Pheromones in those settings, but they are mostly just to have fun and loosen people up, and assist my interactions. It's nice to bring a little sunshine to everyone's day. Respect Pheromones are great for the right scenario as well.
Started using Realm a long time ago, for the 'sexy' factor. Got back into wearing pheromones for social reasons. I also love the fact that some of them have an 'airbrush' effect, so they kind of go along with makeup for me Smile
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