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Full Version: New sample bottles and their dosage
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Hi Everyone,

There has been some questions regarding the dosage coming out of the sample bottles with the alcohol based products. The variation between "drops" and between people seemed to be pretty large, so I decided to fix all of the sample bottle dosage questions by sourcing these little guys:

[Image: RAIzOCO.jpg]

So all alcohol samples that I give you guys from now on will come in this little spray bottle where 2 sample sprays = 1 full product spray.

Also, I didn't like how the sample bottles I gave for the oil products gave a drop about twice as large as the euro dropper on the actual product, so I sourced a new sample bottle that is "necked" at the top and 1 drop out of this new sample bottle for the oils will = 1 drop out of the euro dropper :].

Here's how this one looks:

[Image: d3WTyVR.jpg?1]

Hope you all enjoy! :]

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