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Full Version: Please offer thoughts on PT's cover scents
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I'm looking to order soon, and would like some recommendations on covers. Coldwater and celestial waters both sound interesting to me.

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Hi futureman.

Cold water is my personal favorite. It's a fresh and aquatic smelling scent. My recommendation goes to this.

Celestial waters is more of a "clean" smelling spring fragrance.
Excellent. Thanks.

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From my feeler yesterday, Cold Water is fresh, yet subtle, and gels very well with ADG. I like it! This is for a none-based product, DSI.

I've asked northerncalnative for his thoughts on Cold Water, since he bought THU in that scent. Awaiting his reply.
@bonadzz. Is the Cold Water scent similar to Cool Water of Davidoff?
Hi mars,

I am unfamiliar with how cool water by davidoff smells so I couldn't tell you. Sorry.
I own davidoff's cool water and I bought AoA in cold water scent. When my order has arrived, I'll let you know.
I have Grail of Affection in the Cedar and Saffron scent and I like it. My wife doesn't like it in the bottle but on me she says it smells nice. It has a definite herbal note to it and I can also smell the vetiver and sandalwood.
Cold Water is similar to Cool Water in the freshness and the name. The scent is very different. It's more like a super fresh version of Aventus (just because of the pineapple, no woods) or Riverside Drive from Bond No 9 (also because of the pineapple). It's much deeper than that I'm sure, but I'm just going from the out of the bottle smell until I try out my Captain. I wanted to make it known for anyone interested that it is definitely not Cool Water.
Vanilla is delicious for the holidays
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