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First, THANK YOU to bonadzz for generously sending me a 30ml bottle for testing as well as sending samples of Captain and Aura of Amity. I LOVED the packaging he sent. See attached photo. He sent everything in a tiny treasure chest and wrapped it in a small gold cloth. My Beautiful Bride has already commandeered both.

I want to stress that these are my preliminary thoughts based on one evening of wear. First, I also have to comment on how much I liked the website. It is very easy to navigate and well thought out.

From what I gather from the website, this is a product that is intended to keep/rekindle the loving feelings of a long term relationship. Short answer (tonight I will post a 'real' review), I like this stuff. It was likely suffering from travel shock having just gone through the mail in subzero temperatures but I'm impressed with what I've seen from it so far. I think it will live up to it's name. Kiss3

More later, but if Grail of Affection continues to behave like it did last night, I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the products from Pheromone Treasures work.

That was a cool window shopping journey! Thanks Snoop!!!

Now, who's place is that? As I'm sure it PROBABLY belongs to someone I once knew from one of the various boards. Search
It belongs to forum member bonadzz. Just from the one night I wore Grail of Affection I'd say he knows what he's talking about.
Thanks for the initial review and the kind words snoopy :].

MMM, I created Grail of Affection and is my site Big Grin
Product name, and scent
Grail of Affection in Cedar And Saffron scent. In the bottle, my beautiful bride thought the scent was just a bit too medicinal for her tastes. After I applied 2 drops to the tops of my hands and spread it around the sides of my neck, she thought it smelled very nice. I really dig this scent. Not overpowering at all.

Cedar And Saffron reminds me a lot of a commercial cologne that I've smelled but the name eludes me at the moment. I think this would be a really nice office scent that could also translate to a casual day out. Right now the scent does not last more than an hour or so but I'm not too worried. I have a feeling that after it sits for a week or so the scent will linger much, much longer. Happens all the time with colognes and perfumes after shipment.

Application dosage and locations
2 drops from a 30ml eurodropper (as per website suggestion for a white male), spread between the tops of the hands and the sides of the neck. Personally, I am a fan of oil based Pheromones and really like the eurodropper design. The product is a very good consistency for this type of delivery system. Some products are much too thin and you get more than you bargained for, others leave you standing for 30 seconds with the bottle inverted praying for SOMETHING to come out. I have to wait about 3 seconds between drops. I can deal with that.

Enviroment tested in
Home and bank.

Self effects.
Immediately felt more upbeat and happy. Felt like I could easily giggle like a teenager and let my guard down. Effects were VERY pronounced for about the first 15 minutes and have since settled down into an upbeat, fun energy. I still feel like I could easily smile. I'm writing this about 6 hours after my initial application today and the effects are still lingering nicely. No androstadienone depression but I am not very susceptible to that.

Effects to others
Have you ever worn a phero product and you could watch someone's eyes dilate right in front of you? Happened to me twice while wearing this. I was at the bank to order checks and the woman who was helping me (African American, about 35 years old) seemed to immediately be affected. Her eyes dilated, she went from being politely professional to... CHATTY. I heard all about how her day was and how it was so nice to have such a wonderful and polite customer to talk to... you get the idea. She really didn't want me to leave. I honestly think the mood elevating properties of GOA hit her and she didn't want to lose that happy feeling. It was actually kind of funny. I'll be interested to see if this product has a 'memory' where she reacts in a similar fashion to me even if I am sans Pheromones. Just by what I get already, I am pretty sure she will.

Last night, my Bride got home from work stressed out and in a bad mood. She brought my parcel of stinky goodness home with her and was there when I opened it. She LOVED the tiny treasure chest and thought it was a very nice touch. She knows about my phero use but just chalks it up to being like cologne and doesn't really believe they work. Immediately after I applied my GOA, I saw her eyes dilate and she visibly brightened. She started giggling and mentioning to me how great she felt to be home. The rest of the night, I could see that she was feeling happy and in a great mood. It was all 'I love you's' and 'I'm lucky to have you,' etc. She was also more affectionate than usual. If it wasn't 'girl week' around the house I know that it would have been a romantic evening in more ways than one (sorry single guys, not every great night ends in sex when you are married).

Tonight she came home and as soon as she got into my phero cloud she lit up like a pinball machine again. Same thing, human velcro and lots of affection. Life is good.

Duration of effects.
At least 5 hours

Effects from mixing with other products.

No more than about 6'

Time exposure.
Surprisingly almost immediate. Only about a 3 second delay before I would notice the other person reacting to my pheromone cloud.

As I wrote in a previous post, I really like Pheromone Treasures website. I find it easy to navigate, bright and interesting. The packaging the product comes in is very clever and definitely sets their Pheromones apart. The eurodropper bottle is a very nice design and I liked how user friendly it was. Communication was great and shipping was lightning fast. Thanks again to bonadzz for allowing me to try this product.

From my limited testing so far, I think this is going to be a product that comes in very handy for me. It is very mood elevating, smooth and it definitely elicits the warm fuzzies from the women I've interacted with so far. Both women were of very different ethnicities (African American and Caucasian) so I have no doubt this will likely work well on other ethnicities as well. Gonna have to order either The Hookup or Zero to 69 and see how my beauty reacts to those. Mrgreen

Bottom line- This product seems to be living up to its name and intention. I've really only had the chance to try it around a couple of women so far but my bride is the one that matters to me. It DEFINITELY works with her. GOA seems to have taken my stressed out beauty and brought her back to a place (after 2 exposures!) where she really values me and she seems even happier and more appreciative of our relationship than before. Even if you aren't in a long term relationship, if you have a woman in mind that you want to feel warm and fuzzy about you, this would probably work well.

Guys, this may not be a hardcore sex mix but it is a GREAT relationship builder/keeper. Notice how I made you wait till the end for that? If I'd have put this at the top, most of you would have skipped this review and missed out on something that can also help you out in a big way. Just my 2 cents.
Great review Snoopyace. Looking forward to the effects on other ethnicities and the workplace.
Looks like we may have a winner.

Too soon to tell but I will be watching.
(11-21-2014 10:07 AM)Fishdude Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like we may have a winner.

Too soon to tell but I will be watching.

Me, too!

Dammit, there's too many mones out there!!!! And people make them sound so good!!!! Unknw

Let's go people! Test them all! Test them all! MMM is looking for the real PANTY DROPPER; and he wants it while he's still sexually active!!! Scout
Well I ordered some GOA

$39 for 30 ml oil and a healthy dose of mones? I'm robbing Bonadzz
(11-21-2014 10:16 AM)MMM Wrote: [ -> ]Me, too!

Dammit, there's too many mones out there!!!! And people make them sound so good!!!! Unknw

Let's go people! Test them all! Test them all! MMM is looking for the real PANTY DROPPER; and he wants it while he's still sexually active!!! Scout

X2 Brother!
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