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trying to decide between L2k or Certo
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Smile trying to decide between L2k or Certo
01-17-2018 12:33 AM

hi im new here been researching alot recently and have decided to buy a product from AD but im having a hard time deciding between L2K v1 or Certo and after alot of research i thought i would ask your guys opinions

info about self -

well im 19 years old and i got some girls i have interest in that pretty sure have interest in me(been told they have interest in me by couple of people) there between 16-21 YO (before any one say anything 16 is legal in my country) and seem to go for girls around that age

im into games/anime so do the girls im interested in and they are rather goody good type of girls

both products seem really good certo seems kinda like me HERO type person and apparently good for younger girls but i have heared alot of good thing about L2K but my concern that it may be to alpha or to sexual for the people im interested in its hard to tell because some people say its good all round and some say its a clubbing mix/sex mix (i dont club or go to bars)

if you have any info that can help me that would be much appreciated

01-17-2018 12:33 AM
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RE: trying to decide between L2k or Certo
01-17-2018 1:32 AM

Certo is geared more for romantic attraction and L2K is geared for sexual attraction.

Examine yourself and and figure out where your baseline is with women. Now decide if romantic attraction or sexual attraction is the direction you want to move from your baseline.

Each product category has its own risks. Romantic attraction products risk putting you in the friendzone if you cannot provide enough sexuality on your own. Sexual attraction products risk creeping out women if you do not provide enough comfort on your own. L2K contains Androstadienone which provides some comfort for you but considering your age you may need to provide comfort with your personality to properly use L2K.
01-17-2018 1:32 AM
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