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symbiosis with bacteria
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symbiosis with bacteria
04-21-2015 10:25 AM

(08-25-2014 1:18 PM)thundr Wrote:  You mean to tell me that we as humans live in symbiosis with the bacteria that occupy our bodies? Digestive research has already shown that we live in symbiosis with bacterial flora in our guts. That is how we digest fiber, lactose and even receive certain vitamins. It would be foolish to think we are not in the same symbiosis with the bacteria on our skin. I would bet my next paycheck that future antibiotics are alive. But now Im off topic.

This is not science fiction and is happening today (though not recognized by the mainstream medical establishment). A good friend of mine used home-made kefir, fermented vegetables, and fecal enemas in her (eventually successful) campaigns against bartonella, and cancer in her body. Of course she used a multi-pronged strategy, so the cure cannot be attributed to any one aspect, and some of those aspects may have had no effect, but this is evidence that bacteria is being enlisted in the war against bacteria.

04-21-2015 10:25 AM
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