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sensitive mine detection
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RE: sensitive mine detection
09-03-2018 2:57 AM

(09-02-2018 11:08 PM)WereWolf666 Wrote:  I guess you can split that, I would say a part is objective and one part is subjective.
Why I say that? Because some feature are recognized as attractive to the general mass but you still have preference like for food. I have a friend who find some women attractive that I don't see as attractive Beer So not all of it is objective and the subjective experience change, I used to not like some type of women, now I do. Exactly like food actually, the taste for it can change.

Yeah definitely there is some subjectivity on that, it makes sense evolutionary wise too.But in cases where men have fetish-like tastes like fat women in my experience it is also a law of the market result.Because these men are always (IME again) lower value, either not attractive, or short, or not quite masculine.

As far as lesbians go, my limited experience (I've known less than 20) says that they are not attractive as a rule and the study I posted confirms it.It's one study though, so I'm curious what the rest of you have witnessed.

They've done studies you know...60% of the time, it works every time
09-03-2018 2:57 AM
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