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nice self effects
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Tongue nice self effects
01-07-2013 1:10 AM

I've tested wolf and nude alpha today. I tested wolf in the morning and wow did i get self effects. I feel really really spacey. Its kinda weird. about 8 hours later i applied nude alpha since I was going to the gym. I had really big self effects from that.

It kinda felt that I was in some sort of high. It felt really good to work out and I felt like I could push myself a little bit harder without getting tired. I also felt more confident and found myself standing up straighter.

I was hoping you guys could answer a question too. Should I apply cover scents on first and then put mones on it, or should I put mones on first and then put a cover scent over that. I saw people suggest both methods but I wanna know which one you think would be better and why?
01-07-2013 1:10 AM
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Heart of a Warrior

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RE: nice self effects
01-08-2013 9:30 AM

Sounds good!

Im hoping to buy wolf today - heard nothing but great things about it Smile
Hope your testing of it goes a long way! Clapping
01-08-2013 9:30 AM
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RE: nice self effects
01-08-2013 4:37 PM

So two days ago I was going to the gym. Me and my friend was going and I decided to put about 2 inches of Nude Alpha on each wrist. I smelled it and it wasn't an offensive smell or anything, but WOW. The self effects are huge!!! This mone is by far the one that's given me the biggest self effects out of any mone i've tried so far. Wolf also is pretty big, its not far behind.

Back when i used A314 I felt some self effects. I felt kinda serious though, but really laid back. With wolf I feel really spaced out, like its almost hard to concentrate, but at the same time it actually helps me focus more. With Nude Alpha though, the self effects are really intense. I understand why it costs so much now, it must have a bunch of pheromones in it.

Today in class i decided to try out Nude Alpha and I put about 3 inches on each side of my neck, so a total of 6 inches. It was pretty hard to keep still in class. I didn't really know how I felt. The only way I can describe is that its intense. I felt calm, but the feeling was overwhelming at the same time. I think that I'm really sensitive to mones.

I did get a hit in that class though. I was sitting in my seat and today was the first day of the semester, so I picked a random seat. There was this one asian girl that just happened to sit next to me. I noticed that at one point in class, she just looked right at me for a good 6 seconds. I saw her at my peripheral. It was so strange because she was stealing small glances at me, but then she just had that one really long stare. There was also these two girls sitting in front of me down one row. The one in front of me seemed to turn around a couple of times, but I don't think she ever directly looked at me. It seemed like she was just looking either over my shoulder or right next to me, but she did that several times during class.

Nude Alpha is some powerful stuff. Right now I don't really know how to react to all of these possible hits. Using these powerful mones are new to me. The strongest one I ever used before these mones were A314 and Certo. A314 did take quite some time to work. I found that it took me at least three meetings with a person for them to fully embrace the A314. I found that it did get them to trust me more. I also had pretty good success with certo but I realize it until now. When I look back, I had quite consistent hits with it. I was too oblivious to notice the effects. I actually did get quite a number of girls to become fond of me with it, but I never really attributed it to the certo.

For now I think i'm gonna use Nude Alpha on my wrists instead of my neck. I don't wanna get blasted with too much self effects that I can't even think straight. I'll do further testing with Nude Alpha, wolf, and certo.
01-08-2013 4:37 PM
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