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new old use
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new old use
02-04-2017 1:58 PM

Hello, i am on pheromones since 2012. I read a lot and i think it is time to retribute and share my experiences, hoping that somebody take advantage/learn, so as i learn from so many people here. Thanks !! Gracias !! I will write my long experience in chapter. I do not know if it is allowed , i copy and paste my first testimonial i wrote on pherotalk 2012:
Hello, i am new here and i want to introduce myself and tell about my experiences. Please excuse my english, it is not my mother language!
I am 46 years old, from south america living in germany.
My brother told me about Liquid Trust and how wonderfull it is. I began to read about it, then i found pheromones and then I bought a little bottle Liquid Trust to go, and a scent called Top Musk. The first night i wore it i notice something. I must explain i went to a latin dance club where you find almost the same people, from young 20`s to 50`s or more. I know the people and the people know me, they dance a lot and i sit there enjoying the music and watching - discrete- the girls.
Well, the first night i wear Liquid Trust + TM the first thing that happens was that i receive a gratis drink from the bar keeper, and a lot of attention from the others persons, i feel great. Then an old friend of mine, a women around 35, i know her for 15 years, was dancing and then, she came near to me and as she had an short circuit she jumpted and sit on my legs laughing like a child, she has never do that in all the time i know her!
The second time i wear Liquid Trust+TP i observed how young ladies were dancing to near to me, extremely near. The girlfriend of a friend of mine was shaking her butt so near at in my face that i feel ashamed toward her boyfriend.
Then my other brother bought Eroscape, a product from germany. I gave him a half bottle of Liquid Trust and he gave me Eroscape. I tried it together in another dance bar with Liquid Trust and i do not see so obvious reactions as Liquid Trust+TM, only something strange happened: there is a guy, bouncer prototype 2 meter tall and 2 meter wide, very agressive person allways seeking to intimidate another guys and looking for fight. I have ignored him ever. Well i wanted to go back to my place after smoking, and i must cross where he was blocking my way back, so i thought: no, must interchange words with him to ask him to move! But when i was 1/2 meter he suddenly looked at me like l was the "boss" and spring making me place like a little child moves to an authority person. All people around stay astonished, me too.
When i was in my place, i saw him total furious speaking with himself, as he could not understand why he does it.

My Liquid Trust was over. I tried only Eroscape with TM and i feel (in myself) no reaction so i sprayed 12x and i do not feel nothing but this night two 40`s women sitting and in he bar near to me approached me with so ridiculous lines that i only thought: poor good looking women, all day years long enduring that!
Then i bought 1 ml Pheromax, and add it in the little to go 7,5 ml bottle to a combo: 0,5 ml Pheromax, 2ml Eroscape, 0,5 ml Topmusk and 4,5 ml Liquid Trust. 4xspray
First night, i ask one young lady to dance, we have eyes contact and smiles since weeks. I do not dance too much, and i never never get rejected. I feel so sure, but so sure because she was laughing and flirting with me all night that i could not believe as she said after 3 or 4 second looking me in the eyes: not yet, i am tired but later -like imploring-later. Interessant was her body language:yes yes yes

Second night: the same, i go to a wonderful lady who never rejected me. I like her, she likes me. Same procedure, surprise, positive body language, 3 or 4 seconds and: not yet, later - but in that confused pleading tone.

I am not looking for a long term relation, more having fun with young girls.
I am divorced and having time and a little bit money, i want fun. Normal looking, 175 cm, thin but strong (ex-swimmer), more a quiet reserved person living my own world, i was musician for 20 years and i know what it means the "surrender to the moment". Girls love to dance with me. That makes me an interessant man

I think there must be differentiated between:
1. self effects with effects on others, you can have a lot of self effects but not on others,and not self effects but effects on others.
2. no attraction (indiference) with too much attraction, confusion, intimidation. Rejection is not the same as "rejection".

In fairness i must admit that the first experiences were for me like playing. Then,when i mixed the combo, i developed ethical problems. Now i resolve the problems (read the thread). I think there are a lot of factors in the equation, pheromones are only one important factor.
I am convinced they work, but (for me in my knowledge stage) not in a previsible way. I will do more research and i am waiting for Christmas for give myself a present: i thought A314 + IS + Ammo + IJ + IO + Turn Up The Heat
Any recomendation?
Thank You for reading and i will report in January
Have fun

Next chapter i will write about nude alpha and my alpha dream experience.
remember, Fun is not a right, is a duyty!!
02-04-2017 1:58 PM
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