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'mones on clothes/hair
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RE: 'mones on clothes/hair
09-21-2022 1:54 PM

(09-18-2022 3:14 AM)HolyDBeast Wrote:  From what I’ve been told, mones work and actually last longer on clothes than on the skin. They can even last up to several days. I think some users strategically put different mones on different clothes and use different clothes in different situations in live situations. Pretty advanced lol. Good ol’ mone life. As far as being dirty like smell or something, you can always use cologne to cover.

I have a necklace, which is also a holder for a switchable stone, ment for swapping stones with different essential oils. I use it for experimenting with pheromones.

In winter time I have several scarves with different pheromone products. Not all work well.for this, but some do. I noticed Wolf is very suitable for this.

I also know that some products are ment to metabolize/transform on your skin, by the bacteria that live there. Like Evolve does, which transforms from a social into a sexual. (As example. Many products metabolize transform on your skin.)


Sorry for quickly answering the OT question...

(09-20-2022 7:40 PM)nephil Wrote:  Off topic but would you mind sharing the weird effects with True Love? Do you mean self-effects?

The weirdest was the feeling that people wanted to touch me, but reached behind me. As if they wanted to touch through me. Or walk through me. (Or boob brush through me.)

Not as in being ghosted, they were fully aware that I was there and they were clearly attracted, but something was off with there assassination of distance.
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09-21-2022 1:54 PM
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