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XS Reviews
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XS Reviews
11-08-2012 6:36 PM

Since I have a wide range of Steve's products I figured I'd post my reviews on them here as well as in my journal. I'll be updating this as I test them. Currently I have:

Ascend spray and oil
Evolve spray
Cohesion spray
Flirt sample

On the way:

Cohesion oil
Exotica spray
Bliss spray
Vibe spray

Flirt XS

2 sample sprays Flirt (equates to approx 1 spray)

Tried out the sample of Flirt Steve provided with my order of Cohesion today. Here's what happened:
-In a tutorial I was sat next a girl, she was on one table and I was on the other and the tables were pushed together side by side. During the lecture she began to slowly creep over onto my side of the table. She had long braided hair and it eventually was on my arm. She wasn't very attractive so this wasn't great, but a solid hit.

-Don't wear this in lectures. I had two today. The first one I was in, I was sat on my own because I don't really know anybody in there. Well not on my own, but I didn't know the people next to me.
Around ten minutes into the lecture, it starts to get really chatty. This is unusual, usually these lectures are pretty silent. The lecturer tells everybody to settle down, but still the murmur of sound continues. People just wouldn't stfu.

-Next lecture I'm sat next to a friend. After a while he starts cracking jokes, I join in and we end up crying with laughter in a silent lecture theatre haha. We usually joke around but I feel it was amplified by the Flirt XS - I just couldn't stop laughing and neither could he.

Overall I noticed less staring from girls that I get with alpha/sexual products, but when exposed to my cloud for a while they would be a lot friendlier / smile more. I can see why this is called Flirt, it does open girls up and make it possible to chat them up.

Self effects were nice - felt good natured and laid back. Kind of like things don't matter.

Overall a nice product. Good for when you want to mess around with friends or hit on the ladies on a 1 to 1 level. Perfectly fine for day time, still need to experiment with night time use.
(This post was last modified: 11-08-2012 6:38 PM by kenpachi.)
11-08-2012 6:36 PM
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RE: XS Reviews
11-10-2012 2:50 PM

Great review my friend. I really like flirt when its a serious situation too. Maybe I'll enroll myself back into school and take some lecturesSmile

Be Happy and laugh often
Steve O
PheromonesXS enthusiast, hobbyist, founder.

I want to provide you with the very best customer experience I can. As such, I don't check PM's very often. Please send me an email which will find me wherever I am: EMAIL ME HERE!
11-10-2012 2:50 PM
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Joined: Dec 2011
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RE: XS Reviews
11-22-2012 9:03 PM

Exotica XS

Lecture Day

1 spray Exotica XS
Cover: Teak by fragranceshop

Start off the day with a small classroom session. Walk in the room and a friend waves at me and I sit next to her. She's hung over but seems to perk up a bit when I see her. We joke around a bit but then we all get split into groups and I'm in a different one to her.
I noticed that while the lecturer was talking, out of my peripheral vision I was getting some pretty lengthy stares from some of the girls in the class. However I could never catch them staring as they were too quick to avert their gaze when I looked over.
I don't know anybody in the group I've been put in. Usually in situations like this I tense up. I can feel my jaw tighten and my appearance becomes moodier. Probably to send off a "don't talk to me" signal as I panic sometimes talking to new people. Today however I noticed I seemed much more relaxed and in turn they were more comfortable. Eye contact was much easier too. A lot of the time when I make eye contact it's too intense and I feel them get uncomfortable and look away, but I had an easier time holding it with other people today.
The class is finishing up and the next class is lined up outside the door. On my way out I pass by two girls who I see a lot around the university but only really speak to usually if its required "“ we're not best buddies or anything. As I walk past one of them says "Hey Ken!" really enthusiastically. She asks me what the class was about and as I was telling her she stopped listening and started talking to somebody else.
This is a massive change in behaviour from these girls. When I usually wear alpha products they would NEVER open me and if I did talk to them they would definitely not cut me off and start speaking to another person. It's amazing how much a pheromone product can change perceptions of you. Could this have been a fluke? Read on.
On my way to the next lecture a guy I see often around uni stops and holds the door open for me. As I say thanks he opens with "So how're things?" We talk about uni stuff and walk to the next lecture together. Again unusual, I have seen this guy around countless times before and never before has he opened me.
During the next lecture I sit alongside a group of girls. They always chat amongst themselves and are pretty disruptive. I noticed that whenever I looked over in their direction, one of them, an 8/10 Indian girl, always met my gaze and gave me a grin.

Dinner Out With Family

1 spray Exotica XS
Cover: Teak oil

Only had it on for a couple of hours but a couple of hits occurred. My mum seemed much happier with me than usual. There was a motherly vibe there "“ lots of loving stares. She grabbed my chin and gave it a little jiggle in that kind of "who's a cutie" way. She hasn't treated me like that in years!
Next hit occurred with one of the waiters. He was a Chinese guy and his English wasn't great, but as he was taking the plates he said to me something along the lines of: "I bet you have many girlfriend don't you?" then slapped me on the back. I said nah I don't have a girlfriend and he said "No, I mean lots of girlfriends! More than one"


1 spray Exotica XS
Cover: Tobacco Vanille (fragranceshop)

Just as a side note "“ my cover smells incredible. I can't stop smelling it.
Again just a couple of hits. This is a class of around 10 people, in which I am the only boy. We're sat round a long table. The girl opposite me is slightly above average looking. She's got on a low cut black top with a pink cardigan over the top. A few minutes into the lecture she undoes her cardigan and leans forwards pushing her chest up against the table. This gives me a great view down her top. Over the remainder of the class she alternates between letting me see down her top and then leaning back and opening and closing her cardigan. I don't know how conscious girls are of this stuff, but the fact she kept closing and then reopening it made me think perhaps she realised what she was doing.
This girl keeps asking questions to the lecturer and everybody else is getting annoyed with her. I catch eyes with an extremely hot latina girl and she gives me a massive smile. Not a polite "hi" smile but more of a sexual dark flirty smile which I return.

Pre Drinks

2 sprays Exotica XS
Cover: Tobacco Vanille

There's a pre drinks going down at a house nearby us and we're all invited. We decide we can't be bothered to go out into town but say we'll make an appearance at the pre drinks just to say hey to everybody. We're all 100% sober.
We arrive and 80% of the people there are already pretty trashed. Perfect testing grounds as inhibitions are low and as I'm sober I can observe people's reactions to me more accurately.
We walk in and head over to a corner of the room to get some space and have a scan around for people we know. I spot a girl that I made out with in a club once when I was absolutely smashed but never really spoke to again since. She's a brunette with a decent face and body. Usually it's awkward between us as we don't really know each other so when she saw me I was ready to just give her a smile and pass by but she stopped me and started a conversation with me. I had a chat with her for a little while "“ all was good, we had some funny back and forth, awkwardness was gone.
Get chatting to another girl who's a friend of mine. She's a really short Greek brunette with an average face and body but she's got something about her that makes her really attractive. Kind of a mix of her personality and naivety. Maybe she's using mones, haha.
We talk and when she finds out I'm not going out with them she makes me pinky promise to go out with them the following Tuesday. Then she demands a high five.
Get talking to another girl, Blonde Russian who does pole dancing. 9/10. As we get talking she gets closer and closer until she's leaning up against me ... then her mates call her over and off she goes.
Two blondes that are good friends of mine come over and both give me a massive hug. One of them likes me a lot and always tries to kiss me when we're on our own. Sometimes I let her and sometimes I don't, depending on my level of drunkenness. She's pretty wasted and does the usual face right up to mine chat and is pushing herself up against me. I grin and get her off and eventually she goes somewhere else.

Lecture Day 2

2 sprays Exotica XS
Cover: Tobacco Vanille

In the 1st lecture I notice nothing. Nada. Zilch. It's like I didn't exist. This was about 30 mins after application.
In the 2nd lecture the usual seating arrangements were all mixed up for some reason so I sat sitting in between two girls from my course. One of them, on my left, I know fairly well and we have a pleasant, friendly relationship. She's average looking, 6/10.
The other, on my right, is extremely hot. She's a tall brunette, skinny and lanky but with the prettiest face you will ever see. Similar to Keira Knightley but her eyes are big and black and you get lost staring into them. Unfortunately her personality is awful... she's very self-centred and attention whoring.
So. We're sat in this lecture theatre together. She's very loud and starts spouting off about stuff. I give her some teasing which is my usual style and she tells me to fuck off (in a banterish way) too. She kind of has the personality of a guy with the mentality of a toddler.
As the lecture continues, girl on the left is copying my notes as I've got my laptop and she's writing it up by hand. I type up "You are a smelly pirate whore" in the middle of normal notes and when she gets to it she laughs and hits me on the shoulder.
Now, girl on the right is being her usual self. She initially put her feet up on the seats in front of me but diagonally so her feet were rubbing up against my knee. As much as I would have enjoyed that (she had tights on and had taken her shoes off) I thought letting her put her feet in my space was pretty submissive so told her to move them before I do it.
During this lecture she is extremely fidgety. She keeps letting out large sighs, blowing out air and saying how she can't be bothered, she doesn't care, blah blah blah. This isn't strange for her, she's trying to get attention, but I'd say she was moving around more than normal.
While the lecture continues she gets even more fidgety. She's got on a really short dress and tights and when she moves her legs around her dress rides up a little. After a while I can sense a heat coming from her and I swear to god it starts to smell like pussy. She's getting turned on being sat next to me. I have heard about this in other peoples journals but never really experienced it myself, but this was the perfect opportunity for it. She was exposed to my mone cloud for 2 hours and had only tights on underneath her dress so it was very possible I'd be able to smell her.
Obviously I couldn't do anything about it as we're sat in a lecture hall "“ but wow! Incredible hit.


Two main things have stood out for me during my testing of Exotica XS: firstly, comfort. This product is more comfortable than a Queen Size bed with heated sheets on a cold night. People opened me up which is extremely rare. Girls began to take the initiative more. Guys are friendly and chatty. Conversation while wearing this usually gravitates towards joking around and good natured teasing. It's definitely not a serious vibe and people don't feel they have to watch what they say around you. Not only is it comfortable for others, but it seems to make me feel more comfortable also. Physically, I find I tense up a lot less during stressful situations and this product helps to put me more at ease.
Secondly, attraction. This doesn't hit hard and fast ala Aqua Vitae or Evolve. You won't get stared at as you walk past somebody or admired from afar. This needs some time to hit. But once girls around you begin to sense your mone cloud, and then the interest begins. They start to sneak a look at you every now and again. As time goes on the looks become more and more frequent. It's like there's something about you they just can't figure out.

Possible Downsides

Prior to using Exotica, my products were usually very alpha in nature. Because of this, people had already accepted my alpha signature and marked me as such in their minds. Since I am kind of shy when it comes to being scrutinised by others, as in I don't like having the spot light on me, usually in these lecture/classroom situations I keep quiet. So in keeping with my alpha signature, I would purposely give off a cool, mysterious guy vibe. Which I did pull off. I had people telling me girls fancied me that I had never spoken to before.
Now. I think it's worth mentioning the possibility that a lot of these hits came because people in my class still THOUGHT I was alpha but due to the big change in signature they thought: "Wow, I'm feeling comfortable around him, now I'll try and get to know him". The approachable vibe I was giving off was a green light for them to initiate.
However, what if Exotica XS were the only vibe I had ever given out to these people? Would it have come off as too beta? I don't know, but I thought it was something worth mentioning.

Twilight Theory

Lately, I have been finding that products softer on the "“none and more comfort inducing, e.g. L2K v1, Cohesion, etc have been getting me the furthest with girls my age. I know that everybody says that the comforts work better for girls 18 "“ 25 but like everybody else, I jumped straight to the heavy alpha and sexual products and tried them out. Not that I didn't have success with them "“ I did. Check out my journal for some.
But when I used these products I weighed around 10 and a half stone. Although I was very fit and did boxing training, I didn't do any weight lifting so my natural mone production was probably lacking in "“none. During this period the heavy sexuals/alphas worked great for me, as I was a smallish guy emanating this powerful signature and it was unusual and, from what I can gather, appealing.
Recently though I started weight lifting and am up to 12 stone. Lots more muscle mass, plus using your typical compound movements my testosterone has sky rocketed. Now I am bigger I am having less success with the sexuals/alphas and more success with the socials/comforts.
This has been well established but I think I should reinforce it for anybody university/college age looking to buy some mones. If you are already muscular/athletic and come off more towards the intimidating side, you will get much better results using comfort/social mixes.
Why is this? Think about the current young girl obsession "“ Twilight. Edward and Jacob. What do they have in common, other than being good looking? Both are very soft and comfort inducing around the girl. They treat her like she is the only thing that matters on this earth. Beta behaviour, right? So why doesn't she get bored of them and leave?
Because both have a sense of danger to them. They are capable of being violent, vicious and brutal but around her the reveal their warm and cuddly side. There's a balance between alpha and comfort. If you're already alpha, if you combine this with too much of an alpha signature you're going to scare them off. If you're more of a guy girls are comfortable with, a "friend zone" type, then go for the alphas.
I know that's pretty much common sense around here, but I know there's people that will go straight for the heavy products without regard for what actually suits them. I did the same. Hopefully that explains why we advise people to go for the comforts with younger girls, rather than just saying it without fully justifying why.


If I had to sum up what I know about Exotica so far, I'd say it's very similar to Wolf. There's a buddy vibe between you and the guys, the self-effects are calming, you appear attractive. However I would say where Wolf gives you the "leader" vibe, Exotica XS gives you more of a comfort vibe. I don't want to follow this guy, but I love to be around him.
That's my day time testing for you guys, I'll start hitting some clubs with it soon and report back.
11-22-2012 9:03 PM
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