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Wolf and Hypnotica - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th thoughts
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Wolf and Hypnotica - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th thoughts
12-09-2012 3:43 AM

I write this as I'm hangovering. I've not tested Hypnotica alone yet, only Wolf alone.

I've tested Wolf on 1 spray, 2 sprays twice, 3 sprays, 4 sprays. On one of the 2 sprays I added 2 drops of Hypnotica. On 4 sprays I added 4 drops of hypnotica. 1 spray, one 2 spray and 3 sprays were solo Wolf

Over Friday and Saturday, I've gone on a date, attended a wedding lunch, wedding dinner and a really huge beach party.

The short of it:

Wolf feels like a cross between A314 and mx297, like a middleground between the two. In short, a slightly more Alpha version of mx297 and holds certain elements of the old glace.

The Long of it:

Blatant alpha mixes like Alfa Maschio and A314 propel you forward and give you a surge. Alfa Maschio allows you to tap into your subconscious and allows you to go ahead and be confident in whatever you do, it gives you an alpha ability to blend into your flow. It lets you speak with confidence and surity and at the same time increases your subconscious level of competence at whatever you do. (on a side note, I buffer my AM with nols or other nol contained products, if I don't buffer it I don't go beyond one spray as there tend to be more negative reactions during daytime activities. I still favor buffered AM over LIIK because Chris' most recent batch of AM that was sent to me along with my LIIK is slightly more social than my initial batch and I'm getting rock star reactions from it on 1 spray, more than LIIK)

A314 on the other hands gives a slight rush, it has a form of groundedness. A314 feels older, more mature, with AM you have a flow and you tap into it, with A314 you feel as if you want to be in control and have control of everything. A314 has a downside for me as that it makes me broody and come across as moody sometimes because I'm so "In my state" and don't really give two hoots about anything or anyone. I'm confident and I'm myself, go with my flow, I don't go with yours.

The reason why I say it is like mx297 is as follows, with AM And A314 that propel you forward, mx297 allows you to be calm, in control but you take one step back. A314 makes you put a foot forward while being in control. Wolf and mx297 instead allows you to take a step back, look at the entire picture and make a decision there on, but Wolf gives you that ability to step back, and then drives you onwards once you've made your decision. You're still in control but you're more collected without being moody or broody.

I'm sorry if this sounds abstract. But follow me on this. AM allows you to tap into your natural flow and you move confidently to solve a problem, you don't second guess, you just move. People respond by allowing you to take the lead.

A314 puts you in control and allows you to make judgements, you move forward and you make sure everything lines up and you're able to make judgement calls like that, and feel damn sure about it. People respond either in slight fear (I don't know if fear best describes it) but they defer in favor to you.

mx297 puts you in a chill mode, you take one step back and you're cool about things, things can go anyway and you're fine with it, but you see the entire picture and you're able to weave in and out. You're cool with almost anything but if you do make a suggestion or decision people just go with the flow.

Wolf puts you in a chill mode, you take one step back and you're cool about things, you take a look at the big picture, arrive at a conclusion and then you take charge. And you don't come across as overly serious. People accord you with respect but also friendliness. It doesn't instill the amount of respect and possible fear that A314 gives (and sometimes AM also gives that aura) but it just makes people go along with you.

As for Hypnotica, its quite scary for me. It makes you talk, it makes people talk. Wolf and Hypnotica don't go too well together for me. It reminds me a little of mixing A314 with IO or when I OD on IH/b-nol

Hypnotica actually makes me second guess myself and cancels out certain effects that Wolf gives. With Wolf alone I don't feel this second guessy semi socially awkward thing, but once I have hypnotica with Wolf on, ouch.

The scariest thing about hypnotica is that I seem particularly susceptible to it. And I need to be extra cautious when I have it on, if not I just go into run on and into beta-mode

I wore Hypnotica and Wolf to my date so I was wondering if that was the cause of second guessing myself which shouldn't be the case because this girl was into me more than I was into her. The plus side is that she texted me throughout Saturday even though I think I was pretty awkward or made some politically incorrect comments when we were out.

And thus I tried 2 sprays Wolf to wedding which went fine and then added 2 sprays Wolf about 3 hours later and 4 drops Hypnotica when it was time to rush off to beach party and whoop di-do, I was second guessing myself when I met up with my friends and while partying at that.

So I decided to just get wasted.

Best idea when you're partying and realising you have the wrong set of mones on - Get high and forget about everything

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12-09-2012 3:43 AM
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RE: Wolf and Hypnotica - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th thoughts
12-10-2012 11:59 AM

Nice description of each pheromone mix experience.

I am interested in Wolf. It's interesting to know though that it may not mix well with Hypnotica.

I also was looking at Hypnotica as something to replace Glace to switch things up as a social pheromone mix to keep things at times from getting stale in the future.

Thank you for your helpful thread.

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12-10-2012 11:59 AM
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RE: Wolf and Hypnotica - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th thoughts
12-10-2012 12:38 PM

Great insight man!

My Journal: http://pherotruth.com/Thread-Nice-guy-to...My-journey

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12-10-2012 12:38 PM
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