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Wingman X22: Overly status / Isolated
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RE: Wingman X22: Overly status / Isolated
10-26-2017 8:42 PM

(10-26-2017 3:55 AM)idontknow Wrote:  My experience with X22 is very different. I notice little extra status with it on. For me it's romantic, slightly feminine, but also guy repelling. I feel like its drivers are Androstadienone , Est and also (alpha?-)Androstenol. I've seen insane romantic attraction on very fresh applications (1-5 minutes old) with this, as in instant makeouts, random girl slow-dancing with me in front of her boyfriend. As a drawback I also had to constantly reapply.
Super easy to get playfully physical up to make outs with girls and great for getting phone numbers. Never got laid wearing it, but others might be able to turn it sexual.

It worked best on younger, hotter girls 18-22. Phone numbers were much more solid, girls really liked you with x22.

This used to be my favorite nightclub-mix, but again there's drawbacks, too.

What's your dose?
10-26-2017 8:42 PM
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