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Wingman Black (9+O) - Ten years later
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Fly So Hi
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Wingman Black (9+O) - Ten years later
08-05-2022 3:27 PM

Wow, it's been a while. 5 years. Hello everyone. Glad to see some known faces are still active here.

I began on this forum at around 23. I'm 34 now. Learned a lot from life, been through a lot of stuff. I have gone through a personal journey these last 8 years and reconsidered and changed a lot about the person I was becoming. If I ever hurt anyone's feelings or offended anyone in this forum, I apologize. I was in my 20's, I was still a kid. I see that now. My heartfelt apologies.

I'm not sure I'll stay for long. Consider this John Wick visitting The Continental. (Not that I'm implying I'm the John Wick of pheromones, of course.)

Nevertheless, there's a reason for me dipping my pinky back into this pond.

Cute girl in her 20's in my class at college got my attention. I want to find out if I can get hers too, and maybe score some kisses.

How did she get my attention, you ask? Well, a little bit of context. (Jump to section Test #1 if you're not interested.)

In the bench I was sitting at in the electronics lab there were two chairs. I was sitting alone and she was on another bench with two other girls. Professor says: "Two per bench." At this moment she gets up and comes to sit at the empty chair at my bench. Right then her friend (guy) who just arrived at the classroom was about to sit on the same chair, but she blocked him kinda playfully like saying "This chair is mine". They giggle and he leaves. I found it odd that she did so, as women are deliberate in these things, so a flag was raised. I smile and say hi. She does the same. Up to that point we had never interacted, and I'm the guy in the classroom that projects a more serious vibe, so what gives?

Several times she was turning on her chair and touching her knee on my leg. I've learned in my life there's no accidental touching from women. They're very conscious of body and personal space.

I'm only telling you all this so that the PUA experts here can tell me if she showed Indicators of Interest of if I'm totally tripping.

Went to the garage and unearthed my old box of pheromones, like a pirate going back to it's treasure chest. Being so long since I bought them I feared my products had already expired, so I had to test them for quality before putting them to a live situation. I was afraid applying products so old would make me smell like urine or something, or causing reverse effects
I wish I found a social of some sort in there, like a True Opener, True Communication, or at least some loose androstenols.
No luck.
I've found two vials of True Love, one still sealed. I'm thinking: I won't even dream of using it unless I'm AT LEAST waist deep into the comfort zone with her and there's very real possibility of a hook up. I don't want to get frustrated or dragged into platonic territory again by the androstadienone in the likes of True Love in case she doesn't get interested (more on that later).

I've found a practically unused vial of New Pheromone Additive. I say to myself: Don't even think about that. She's a girl in her 20's, and if I learned something in all these years is how insecure and immature we are at this age despite thinking we're so great and have all figured out. I'll scare her off with this on.

Hmm, there's also some Aqua Vitae in here. Well, if I ever want to make her piss her pants... that's an option. (I've had a policeman trying to get validated by me once with AV on, and believe me, Brazilian policemen can be tough. This juice is no joke.)

The closest match to a social I've found were a couple bottles of Wingman Black (9+O) that's supposed to be a social. I was prepared to go 1 spray mid-neck and see what would become of it. This morning though I realized that since they're still requiring facial masks in public transportation in my city, I could make a very contained application on the inside of my mask to minimize collateral and, by testing it for self effects, evaluating its efficiency. I'll go with that.

Test #1
Product: Wingman Black (9+O)
Product age: Approximately 7 years
Application point: Inside of facial mask
Temperature: 18°C (64°F)
Exposition time: Around 40 minutes

Self effects –
0-5 minutes:
Increased pleasure. The song I was listening to felt more pleasant than usual. Small perceived unpoliteness from another person also felt a little more annoying than it would usually be. (It's valid to note that the unpoliteness was more perceived than actually received, and this is due to my critical personality, not the product.) I took deliberate effort then to not let it bother me and enjoy my ride to college, and soon the bad thoughts went away. At this moment I'm thinking something in this product is heightening my emotional sensitivity.

30-40 minutes:
Increased positivity and self-confidence. I was thinking about a pleasant situation in which good things were happening to me, and I think feeling self-confident and good about myself in that situation made me keep feeling like that for a while after.
Again, I think there's an emotional amplification quality to this product.

150 minutes:
The emotional amplification is still there, but minor. Good is best, bad is worse. All very minor, though, and easily manageable.

300 minutes:
Began more sentimental, but slightly. I realise lingering on bad thoughts increased the sadness (I mean a love related sadness).

300+ Minutes: Effects are gone.

In the past, one molecule that made me really sensitive to negative feelings was beta-androsterone. For the slight love related sadness (is there a word for this in English?) I came to feel 5 hours later I think this also contains androstadienone.

My personal takeaway after all these years is: be careful when using pheromones. My experience has taught me pheromones first and foremost affect the wearer, so if you use a product for arousing love in others you'll also arouse love in yourself, and you may end up having feelings you didn't want to have for someone that won't return them. Been there, done that. Got the scars.
The good point is, by evaluating its self-effects I could create a clear(er) picture of what this product intends to do, and when and how to work with it. (In short: make sure the situation stays positive, and steer it actively to a positive direction if needed be. This product seems to amplify whatever it is a person is feeling, so if a person (you or your target, no matter) is feeling down or blur, that's the feeling this 'mone' is going to fuel. You gotta be prepared to take the reins with this one.)

I'll be back.
(This post was last modified: 08-05-2022 3:43 PM by Fly So Hi.)
08-05-2022 3:27 PM
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