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Why does she say this?
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RE: Why does she say this?
11-13-2022 8:22 AM

(11-07-2022 7:13 AM)zeroman Wrote:  It's the same alpha mix which I used to get her and fuck her.
Now this same mix is making her ask why I'm so distant.
Could it be that the continuous use of that mix is making me seem out of reach for her?

Her feelings for you have changed since you fucked her. She wants you to like her now.

This is the crucial stage where you decide to stick around or leave it as a ONS.

You mentioned FWB. That never worked for me.

The more I screw a woman the more attached she gets.

I either have ONS, or its turns into relationships.

There is no middle ground.

My whole life.

My SO is my dear love, hot women are my dear lust.

How good it feels to have both on my bucket list.

11-13-2022 8:22 AM
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