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Whores, clothes and seduction
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RE: Whores, clothes and seduction
10-18-2018 2:08 PM

(10-18-2018 1:53 PM)dsouza Wrote:  Look at Johnny Depp's divorce from his wife... That's an example. A man worth $400 million is now (I believe) worth $200 million today. If that doesn't fuck someone's emotional health up I don't know what does. He thought he didn't have to act out in REAL life because she was inexperienced in acting compared to him and wouldn't be able to "outwit" or manipulate him... But look in the end even a man that smart lost the battle to an actress with 10% of his experience.

Looks like Heard only received around $8 million from the divorce. What am I missing here?

Also, keep in mind that correlation is not causation, so her public drama might have just been collateral damage from his lifestyle, not the other way around. He appears to live a pretty chaotic life, so having a hot young wife would just be par for the course. Not to mention, if he really got divorced for only $8 million with a $400 million net worth, he might be a genius.


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10-18-2018 2:08 PM
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RE: Whores, clothes and seduction
10-18-2018 2:16 PM

His loss came only in last couple years. Whether she took $200 mil or indirectly caused him to go bonkers with lavish spending habits ... well read on...


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10-18-2018 2:16 PM
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RE: Whores, clothes and seduction
12-17-2018 9:33 PM

In my mind, escorts level the playing field quite a bit. In a lot of instances the primary power a woman has over a man is the decision to have sex with him or not. In enough cases, if they're not getting what they want and they feel they can manipulate a guy into getting what they want through managing his access to intimacy, they'll do it. If the guy is desperate for sex, he's much more likely to fold and shes much more likely to get into using that as a regular pattern of manipulation.

If he's not desperate, on the other hand, because he doesnt have any reservations about spending a days pay on some super sexy escort who will do whatever he tells her to, then his initial girl is much less likely to successfully play those games. His sexual needs are covered either way, so its either she grows up and learns how to manage her problems for herself so that the two of them can simply enjoy each others company, or he drops her.

In a way it's like buying an abundance mentality. Its not an end game in and of itself, of course it'd be better to have abundance that takes care of itself (having several girls in rotation already), or a single girl that's competent enough to manage herself on her own and whom you can just see and be with because you both enjoy it. But.. life is not often so ideal, at least for me and most men. Knowing i can spend a couple hundred bucks to have sex with someone absolutely gorgeous without having to create the circumstances or take the time out proving my value and so forth, is an edge.

With all that said, i think its obvious the two lifestyles originally mentioned are not mutually exclusive, they can play off each other. Having access to escorts doesnt mean you shouldnt approach and flirt with and escalate with women, it doesnt mean you shouldnt be developing a natural game. At the same time, going out to clubs and buying drinks and chatting up women and loving the process of it all doesnt have to preclude you from occasionally forgoing that process if the conditions will reward it.
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12-17-2018 9:33 PM
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