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Welcome To The Future
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Welcome To The Future
08-10-2009 9:44 PM

This is a new and growing forum. This is your very best chance to decide what kind of a forum you want to be part of.

We'd like to know. Yes, it's nice to see you. And it is really great when you post. But we'd like to offer you a bigger part in the development and growth of the forum A great many of you have years and years of experience reading and participating in forums all over the internet. We'd love for you to share that wealth of experience with us and help make PheroTruth become the best spot on the net for any and all things pheo!

Think back. Remember all of the forums, bulletin boards, disscusion groups that you have been part of. What was the best part of them? What made it work? What got you interested enough to start posting? Were there any particular features that you liked or that a lot of people used? The very best of them, what was it that made it work? What made it the best?

Right here, right now, is the best opportunity you will ever get to decide what you want your pheromone world to become. Our little pheromone group is out here on our own trying to build a new home. We intend to create a place that all of the pheromone world can be comfortable in. A place where you too, can find a new home.

Remember the best forum or group or team that you have ever been a part of? If you can explain why it was the best, we can build it here.

Think of it this way, when was the last time that someone offered to build you a custom home? For free?

Speak your piece.
08-10-2009 9:44 PM
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RE: Welcome To The Future
08-21-2009 1:41 PM

Alright I will start on the response of this one Smile

A forum becomes a home to me when it has great people that are open, honest, and kind.

This means if something isnt right, you speak up in a respectful manner.

I make friends with those on the forum I like. I like keeping in touch with the day to day life of everyone and see what is happening in their world. THis comes from sharing experiences and such. I love seeing people's personality and humour in the post.

Coming around one another and supporting is important.

I look forward to us helping eachother in our pheromone treks, and just lifes happenings.

I dont want this forum to be all about PUA, I know this is apart of pheromones, but I think long time users can understand it is only a part. Let it have that part on this forum, but not it all.

Let us respect eachother and if someones post seems heated, try not to jump on them. Relax and ask them what they meant....sometimes the written words context can be mistaken Smile

I am glad to see such a well rounded phero group here with lots of users I respect and love. I am excited to branch out and try companies I have never heard of or allowed myself to experience. AND I look forward to reviewing and posting my experience whether positive or negative. I also understand that what I might hate another ay love and vice versa. In this case I wont jump on that person and say they are WRONG! I may test my product again and if it is still a no go, the write it of to "not good for my chemistry or make-up". And let others know.

I havent been a phero user for long. But my experiences have been good for me Smile

I started using in late 2007.
08-21-2009 1:41 PM
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