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Weird experience so far
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Telling it how it is.

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RE: Weird experience so far
07-06-2021 2:34 AM

pheromonexs blends stink

love potion and lal blends dont stink if scented, I can make a sample of the ones I have and send em to you

anyways, im not sure what effects you were expecting to see, but expecting to see anything beyond what’s reported in scientific journals is a disservice


Recommend: Taboo, Ascend w/o cops

Great for Sex: Evolve

On the fence about/Still testing: GOA, TAC

Liking/Loving: Captain, Ascend w/o cops, Scent of Eros

Combo testing:
07-06-2021 2:34 AM
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RE: Weird experience so far
07-11-2021 6:05 AM

(05-19-2021 9:54 AM)Soyboy Wrote:  I went on this website a few weeks ago no sure what to think of this whole pheromones business but I thought what the hell the worst thing that could happen is I lose a few bucks, best case I gain an unfair advantage. I googled pheromones and found this website read some reviews the first thing that I found weird was the websites are all look very old and outdated. Especially the bad wolf website it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 1990’s. I decided go with pheromonexs evolve but I can’t remember why. The shipment arrived quickly and what arrived was weirder than the old websites. I got a package with a leaflet, receipt with stickers and hand written note, a cult like photo and at the other side a QR code, pop rocks candy and finally a bad with pheromones that contains my pheromone, a weird black paper and 3 sample bottles.

I still haven’t tried the pheromones but I have tons of questions and I hope to get some answers for:

1-why everything feels like a cult
2-why the old weird websites have no one heard of Shopify
3-why the there is stickers on my receipt
4-why the weird cult like photo
5-why the fuck there is a pop rocks candy in my package
6-what is the weird black paper that was shipped with the perfume
7-did someone make this at their basement


Steve O is very generous, particularly with the samples. He wants you to win, and he understands that not every blend works for every person, so gives you better chances. The candy, letter, etc, are just to reassure you that the guys at PXS are just as human as you.

If you use unscented or poorly scented PXS products, you will stink like a tramp in August. Scenting a product is an art unto itself. Getting it right or wrong makes the difference between getting laid or not.

If you want mones to work for you, expect to run a marathon, not a sprint. Experiment, learn, improvise. If you are not willing to do this, you're best off throwing in the towel.

Sex and Mones and Rock'n'Roll....
07-11-2021 6:05 AM
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