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Unknown pheromone mix. Does anyone know this?
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Unknown pheromone mix. Does anyone know this?
07-19-2021 5:08 AM

Good morning, everyone.

My first experience with pheromones, back in late 2018, was with this product: https://www.mai-toys.com/es/cosmetica/11...21599.html

I found it at a local sex shop and decided to give it a go on a complete cold turkey. It had no scent whatsoever, I did not feel any changes when using it, but I'm guessing it actually worked because people (women) complimented my perfume (the same I had already been using before, and kept using after) more often when using this, and generally treated me as more attractive.

Science then, the pandemic hit, I stopped using this because there was no point in using it to be at home, and it has expired. The shelf life on the vial indicates March 2020. Up until early November 2020 it was still working great, by mid December I think it was already going bad because I no longer get that many compliments on my perfume and girls don't act that warmly over me anymore. I have also noticed it now has a smell. Before, I used to apply it on both sides of my neck and rub with the insides of my wrists and felt absolutely no smell. Now when I do this, I notice a musky smell coming from my wrists. Also, it used to be completely clear and now it has some white residue on the bottom of the vial.

To demonstrate what I mean by it not working anymore, one example is my masseuse. I have a masseuse I see every couple of months. It's not a "happy ending" masseuse but her work has a tantric body-to-body component. I was already using this pheromones when we met and since the first time we were together she was always very passionate, constantly kissing my neck and acting in a very girlfriend-like way. She also always complimented my perfume and said she loved it. Since December, when I think this pheromones expired, I feel her colder and with an attitude of someone just doing her job. As far as I know, unless she got a boyfriend in the meantime or something, nothing else changed. I have not gained weight, did not stop grooming myself, kept working out, did not stop keeping the same hygiene, using the same products. She also has never again mentioned my perfume, which I see as a red flag for what may be the root problem, making me believe the pheromones were, indeed, working. This is one example, the most blatant one because it was, to speak scientifically, an experiment where all other variables remained the same, as far as I know, but I got this "no longer working" feeling on my social interactions in general.

I found it strange that a generic product, made by some unknown company and cheaper than most pheromone products discussed in the forum, may have worked so well, so I dug a little deeper... and found nothing. Other than sales websites there is no tangible information about this. No reviews or information about what it contains. This is the most detailed page, from a greek website, and it really doesn't say anything useful: https://translate.google.com/translate?h...rev=search

So, what's your take on this? Does anyone know what it is, or cares to take a guess on it's formula? Do pheromones really have an expiration date? Should I repurchase this generic and unknown product, but which I already have a good experience with, or move to one of the top-tier, tried and tested products you guys use?

07-19-2021 5:08 AM
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RE: Unknown pheromone mix. Does anyone know this?
07-19-2021 8:01 AM

Ok in my limited experience. I bought pherx and it was , like you, unmatchable. It was cheap at the time in which I was able to get 4 bottles for 100usd. Each bottle was 30ml which means at two sprays, that's 2 years worth of product. I used one whole bottle, wearing two sprays everyday because it was so good.

Social life was greater than usual. It was easy to bond with anyone, family, friends, new people. However after the first month, I tried the same thing with the other bottles and guess what? Same shit you experienced. I was mainly attracting dark skinned ladies. So I did a test, at one spray for a month and I concluded that the pheromones got old, expired, and what lingered was purely androstenone. A sexual pheromone component, where it makes you omit an aggressive, ready to made, very dominant vibe.

Don't get me wrong, that is very good to those who have low tests, it balances them out nicely. However, for me, i produce lots naturals and without it, I was attracting darker skinned but not as much as when I was wearing this one.

I feel like, it happens to pheromones that mainly come in plastic bottles. If they are not top quality, they will expire fast. The ones in glass bottles stay good for years.
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07-19-2021 8:01 AM
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