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Tips on how to use pheromones
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Checking out the place

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Tips on how to use pheromones
08-04-2022 1:58 AM

I am no professional giving advice.

I’ve been applying mones from LAL to everything like groceries, gym, coffee shops but it really never shined there. Sure I got some looks but it felt negligible.

I went to a yoga event where people are friendly and I was like “I’m gunna talk to everyone and just make friends, guys too”. Seriously it felt like I talked to one person, then people started looking, I approached more people and they gravitated towards me like a magnet. These same people I never had that magnetic effect. I put a couple drops of DP, AV, BW, and NA. Having had a phase with androtics products and now LAL, I’ve never gotten a hit where someone stared at me and approached me or made it obvious they wanted to be approached, it was just glares.

I wish I knew this sooner, it felt like people were talking to me like I was a celebrity. Anyone out there wondering why you’re not getting hits? Go to a random social event where it’s acceptable to introduce yourself to people or work with people. So a yoga class is good only if you want to talk to the teacher, but dance classes I would assume would be perfect because you are forced to talk to people.

Groceries are good, but I think it’s better to save it for events where there are people you will interact with for at least an hour. I don’t know that’s just my thoughts.
08-04-2022 1:58 AM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: Tips on how to use pheromones
08-04-2022 3:23 AM

Test, test, test, and try different approaches has helped me develop my game over time. Just starting conversations with anyone or hot women and not hitting on them all the time helps to make one comfortable in talking to anyone.

Now I agree with you in the importance of approaching people. At least for me, I have very, very rarely had hot women approach me, excluding club environments, though mones can greatly alter that probability, but expecting that would not a great strategy imo. Women if interested, usually give signs and show they are open to approach, but even by nature, I find it natural my duty to approach. If I simply waited for women to approach me, I’d probably almost never ever get laid lol. Also, depends on what someone is going for, but getting hits and getting laid is two very different things.

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08-04-2022 3:23 AM
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