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Tips on how to find out what women think of you
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DataDragon - Banned

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Tips on how to find out what women think of you
05-16-2017 12:35 PM

When I got divorced, I was wondering how women might perceive me now before adding pheromones that might change that perception based on how I come across... Was I attractive to them? Coming off too Intimidating? Smart? Trustworthy? Handsome? Fun/Interesting? Real/Genuine? Self Assured/Confident? Intense? I had no idea.

The first site I came across that helped was photofeeler. What this site does is you can upload pictures of yourself, and women will rate them based on if the photo you want to use is for dating, or for social. They also have business if the photo will be used professionally. You buy credits, each credit being 1 persons rating, or can use it free by rating other peoples photos and waiting a bit longer for results and only 1 photo at a time. Around 40-80 votes on a photo gives a good feel for how you come across. Be aware that if one photo is not smiling like my avatar, then you upload a smiling one which women rate higher you will get completely different results.

For dating photos for example, you are rated for smart, trustworthy, and attractive.
I completely ignore the 'ranks' column which is simply how the photo did vs the rest of their database, not too helpful and a computer adjusts the ranking based on how they voted before. What is very helpful is the SCORES section, which shows for example on attractive, how many votes were Very attractive, yes hes attractive, a little attractive, or no, not attractive. So at minimum you can find what photos are good to use on dating or social sites. There is a notes section, and here you can sometimes get really good info. This avatar photo got comments like I think they seem too intense in this photo. They are rating the photo and not you, but it gives a general feel as to how you might come off to women. The social shows how you come across as fun, confident/self assured, and real/genuine based only of course on the photo not how you act.

A second site is HOTORNOT also called BADOO, both are the same site. Here people rate you based on your photos as hot or not, and you get a score after a bit. Mine currently is 6.93. I see few guys over 7.0 so I got the impression I come across as physically attractive without pheromones, but I only get passive hits that never approach in the real world without pheromones. The photos also people vote on and after 50 votes you see a 1-5 star every time someone votes on it. It can be used as a friend finder or dating site.

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05-16-2017 12:35 PM
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