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There is one hierachy greater than Alpha
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Marcus Antonius
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RE: There is one hierachy greater than Alpha
05-10-2022 2:09 AM

I just found an interesting (popular) scientific source which might be relevant for this topic.

In my last post on this thread I claimed that the difference between these two types [1] is the kind of aggressive behavior. In the link I will post below, Andrew Huberman, a Stanford neuroendocrinologist (must be a colleague of Robert Sapolsky by that) refers for 90 min on aggression.

Very early on he describes aggression to be on a spectrum from 'submissive' via 'passive' to 'reactive aggressive' to 'proactive aggressive'. And here is - imho - the difference, whether an individual is proactive aggressive or just reactive or defensive aggressive.

Back to pop culture and a bit of PUA lingo: Females of any mammalian species are generally and in average less aggressive than males, and if they are - e.g. if protecting the offspring - they are responsive aggressive, while men competing over reproductive access are - at least partially - proactive aggressive. In humans I would say, that most woman are averted to proactive aggression, since - as they are in average physically weaker than men - it might be dangerous for them. For the same reason they love the reactive, defensive, protective aggression, as it might help them and their children. I would also claim, that alpholes and bullies (proactive unprovoked aggressors) find their admireing pack rather in passive aggressive or even submissive men than in woman. High (internal) value woman hate bullies, but love protectors. The whole Hollywood movie industry is build around that. Here a placative Hollywood movie example where the 'sigma' meets the 'alpha' and his pack of 'betas'. The woman is obviously not really 'high value'. The whole scene illustrates what prototypical proactive and reactive aggression looks like [2]:


The link to the science podcast: http://youtu.be/RBK5KLA5Jjg

And as this plays all out in the brain, of course neurochemicals as pheromones play their role in the game. He speaks also about the roles of est and T in aggression, and that T needs to be converted by aromatase into est before it evokes aggression. And in this forum it might be interesting that Etrione (aka maybe P86) is sold in the sport supplement business as 6-oxo is a powerful aromatase inhibitor, but I digress...

[1] The deeper I think through that topic of behavioral science the less I like the Greek alphabet terminology, but that's just lingo and a model. As long as one understands that it is OK...

[2] It's even nice to have some multi-faceted aspects, as even the proactive aggressor shows some sort of protector behavior as he defends her 'honor'.
And - spoiler alert - at the end it is not as it seems in that scene. So the scene works only in isolation to illustrate that topic.
It's always a question how you evaluate the triggers of aggression. Huberman also speaks about triggering 'fixed action patterns' where aggression belongs to.

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05-10-2022 2:09 AM
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