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Switching between LAL products to affect the same girl
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Switching between LAL products to affect the same girl
11-16-2021 7:11 AM

Hi guys!

I'm sure some of you often switch mones products to see how a woman would react to them ( or at least I do that sometimes ). If we put it simply 3 things can happen:

- No difference in the girl's reaction.
- A better reaction (what's you're looking for).
- A worse reaction.

Since most of the mones I have are from LAL I've decided to create the thread here. Here's my experience briefly:

Cas -> AV

This is the worst switch I ever did, somehow I can't explain it but when all goes well with CAS and I try on AV with the girl who was exposed o CAS.. the vibe is kinda off or it's not as *special* as it was. I already had 2 such cases at dates where it just wasn't the same, some magic was gone. Other times I get the no difference case, but it still somehow makes the atmosphere less mysterious.

The other way around when I started from AV to CAS actually sometimes did make a girl more receptive. It felt like first I was kinda unreachable to her with AV, and with CAS she got to know me more and felt like she won being closer to me.

Cas -> Badwolf

This one actually works very well, I'm testing it right now. Casanova brought a nice smooth safe atmosphere with a girl. And with badwolf it's becoming more close & sexual. Tested this out with an HB8, there was like an increase of 25% kino including some intimate. So this is a good one I think.

Didn't try the other way around though.

Wolf -> CAS

This is an interesting bit. Seems like Wolf's Beta imprint stays strong and Cas isn't enough to break it. When I started with Wolf with a girl and switched to Cas I didn't get any reaction change. I tried this one only once though I don't really use Wolf anymore. But I think it's really easy to get yourself to a FZ with this. You're all friendly with Wolf, then you make her closer to you with CAS. Boom FZ haha.

I don't think the other way around it's beneficial but I haven't tried.


This is actually pretty amusing because NA always works for me and never against me. It will always give me +5-15% closeness with a girl. Even after using Wolf it somehow feels I get closer to a girl, maybe not that sexually but definitely something unique.

I've tried it after using the above mones and it's solid.

Haven't tried it with PA and BW yet. And didn't try NA -> Anything yet.

True Love -> AV

This one feels like a lifesaver, I haven't tried it on a 1 on 1 date but rather at a gathering of people (small group don't change too much). I had one target that I wanted to go out on a date with. Tried TL with a dose of 1 spray and 2, no effect on her. Switched to AV and suddenly got a lot more attention and number closed.

So I'll leave it t this for now, let me know if you guys have any good switches that worked for you! Or maybe some strategy that you use to get a girl Big Grin

Favorite product: Casanova
All my products: AV, Wolf, ETFZ, Unresistable, Casanova
Testers: NA, TL, BW, PA
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11-16-2021 7:11 AM
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