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Studio54 Test Thread
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Checking out the place

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RE: Studio54 Test Thread
06-10-2022 6:18 PM

(06-09-2022 11:32 PM)justintime469 Wrote:  Thank you for bring this up!

Yes here is the link it is for sale.


We need to redo the description and it needs to be added to men's section.

Actually the price is cheaper than I thought $49 is all! It will be in a nice high quality glass spray bottle with 4.4MG total 8 MCG a spray.

It is a fun sexual/social blend with a slight status boost. Not ground breaking by no means, but should be a decent all around blend. I could have made it better by focusing on one aspect like sexual or status, but I wanted something anyone could use in most environments and enjoy.

I HIGHLY suggest a cover as it will help it out. I believe Aroma Fero molecules are some of the best and overall very happy with how everything came out overall.

If anyone that received a tester has not reported, please report what you get good or bad.

If anyone has any ideas on blends also let me know. I have a mixer and would not mind making a small batch to test if allowed.

correct me if im wrong, im considering purchasing this if its a all-round but is the scent good ? seems like it isnt pleasant
06-10-2022 6:18 PM
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RE: Studio54 Test Thread
06-10-2022 10:26 PM

(06-10-2022 2:33 PM)Indi-player Wrote:  Its a good product.

Thank you for allowing me to be one of the testers JIT.

Its been a while since i have worn a product where you see results instantly without working much for it. It is not a lazy man's pheromone by any chance but being polite is enough to take you places with this product. I still believe this product flies under the Radar for both men and women alike.

I also concur with Justintime's comment that it is a unisex product. I sprayed my girlfriend with it before she went to work and she came back telling me that her friends were more friendlier than usual, starting risque topics. unusual since they work for the government.

I have had a few incidents where it was a bit of an eye opener. I had a male co worker who still wears a mask due to being paranoid about covid(while everyone else is mask-less) come out of nowhere and gave me a hug for not seeing me for a long time. It is easier to pickup people. it feels like every isolated conversation i have with someone , after 5-10 min, its like they want more of you? tested it close to a month (had to run different mixes for different occasions in between).

I've ran epiandrosterone with it and i didn't see anything different

I've ran Androstenone with it, it intimidated people during day time, but i found that some women zeroed in on me at night and approached which was good for the lazy man game. I have a girlfriend but also unfortuntatly they were all unattractive, not to sound too shallow.

I've added Alpha Androstenone, i got shit tested a lot by my superiors, coudn't handle their change of personality from being nice to assholes?

Tested it with P75+P83. I'm onto something here but i needs more testing. It was like the best of both worlds a little bit of lazy men pheromone and a bit of no filters, so anything goes kinda with the right circumstance.

Tested it with AndstAnone - an attractive store clerk took my personal number and didn't put it in the system, adding it to her phone so that she can update me on a product that was out of stock. That was yesterday, could be a genuine help or could be more, i'll update

lastly, tested it with Tac, couldn't see much of a difference other than my girl and I were having a very good bond both physically and emtionally. Not unheard of but i felt the pheromones helped

Thats it from me.

I hope the price stays the same, I can't afford it now, spent quite lot on fixing my basement.

One of the first products in over a decade that i test and can't wait to buy soon.

Cheers Justintime on a successful product.

Thanks for taking the time to test with other single molecules.

I wound up keeping my whole androtics lot, so I will end up testing with other things to.

I wish I was rich and could afford all of pxs single molecules.

I have some ideas to test with P77 and P96.
06-10-2022 10:26 PM
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Joined: Apr 2015
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RE: Studio54 Test Thread
06-10-2022 10:33 PM

(06-10-2022 6:18 PM)ash202288 Wrote:  correct me if im wrong, im considering purchasing this if its a all-round but is the scent good ? seems like it isnt pleasant

It is unscented except that natural scent of the pheromones. You can use it without a cover, I just find it much more effective with one.

I have found just wearing the appropriate scent for the environment works wonders with this mix.

For example when I used with ADG, women were slightly more open wto flirting where ADG to me was not as appropriate and I came off as "The cologne guy".

Where Drakkar was a more manly bold scent almost everyone approved of at work.

So anyone reading this I definately encourage trying with different scents you might be surprised.

My wife found the same thing wearing different perfumes.
06-10-2022 10:33 PM
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Artist sam
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RE: Studio54 Test Thread
06-11-2022 9:25 AM

I made a few different batches when I made this, and blind tested them all and this was the best one I came up with. I wrote everything down on paper and here is what I have.

Self Effects

I feel a small sexual kick and it turns me on to start. Seems to be my sexual desire is heightened and everything is more colorful and attractive. All of a sudden rating women a 7 is now an 8 or possibly 9. Then after 5 minutes I feel more social and my mood improved. I am a lot more open and positive than normal. I feel MUCH more attracted to my wife and want to touch her more. I am much more alive and energetic, almost like a mild energy drink, this has an effect on my test levels that I can feel. There is also this confidence boost. I am White 42. Dose is 4 sprays to neck and forearams.

So far for me it goes in this order,

1. Energy kick higher sexual desire
2.Beautifier colors more vivid
2. Positive mood, more upbeat and loose
3. Small status kick with very slight bonding undertones

Effects on wife

Now these are just self effects for her. She is not the most positive person, and her mood increased a good amount. More open to conversation and it is more meaningful slightly. For her slight disinhibition. I am in the other room to not skew the results mind you, and she comes in where I am to mention she is slightly turned on and mentions making love later on. I ask her what colors are like, and she mentions they are more vibrant than normal. She has more focus when working on some notes for work. She is Hispanic 44.Dose was 4 sprays to neck and forearms.

Effects on others

My best dose is 4 sprays, so everything will be 4 sprays with ADG as a cover from here on. We went out to a local bar to eat some food. Our waitress is 20 Hispanic about a 7 or 8(hard to rate due to beautifying effect). We give her our order and she is looking at me the whole time and smiling. I try to keep the flirting light because wife and kids are with us. She was smiling a LOT and kept talking to me even though they are busy. Surprisingly my wife does not get jealous or mad. She took our order, then helped another table then came back to keep talking to us, being overly friendly. She kept repeating this until our food came out. Then she would come by every few minutes to see how we were doing and chat more.

By this time wife starts scooting over smothering me and when she comes around she puts her arm around me. I take this as she is trying to show her that I am hers, but through all of this wife does not get jealous like she normally does? After we are done with our meal, wife and I pay and we leave, but our son decides to stay and hangout with some friends.

So I give him 4 sprays no cover and he goes back in.

The next morning I asked him how it went, and he pulled 4 numbers including the waitress that helped us. The waitress kept asking him about me, and he told her I was his dad and that was his mom with me, she thought I was his older brother.

He reported that it was MUCH easier to talk to women and everything was just more fun is how he described it. A few days go by and he has a date with the young waitress girl ( I don`t know what went to go do), SO he wore 4 sprays again, and I give him my ADG cologne as a cover, then later on he brings her back to the house and she stayed the night in his room and they slept together.

Using at work

Before it got hot, this is like back in March, I was using at work for 3 weeks straight, but I was using Drakkar as my cover to have a more mainly cover scent instead of an attracting one. Men were much more friendly and no one was standoffish with me. Now this is the first time I experience this with S54, but men were more touchy like wanted a handshake or would walk by and touch my shoulder in a respectful way.

With women they were much more friendly and would smile a LOT more. A few of them if I would open them up they would start with the hair flipping and lip biting.

Conversations seemed very natural and open men and women. Everything just seemed to flow very smoothly.

Length of effects

I would get 6-8 hours and sometimes more, with Drakkar I could almost get 6 solid hours, and it would taper off the last 4 hours. I was able to get about 10 hours total with this cologne.


By itself with no cover 4-5 feet maybe, but with a solid strong cover up to 8 feet.


Now this is one thing that was a must have for me! AT about $52 for a full bottle which would get around 550 smaller concentrated sprays, I think this is an excellent value for daily wear At 4 sprays 137 uses, so it lasts a long time.


This is not an over the top blend by no means, but a solid use anywhere mone that will get you results. Not an edgy mone like LAL mones, but a solid safe bet for anyone. I do believe women can use this to, my wife loves it and she had a few friends try it, but I never got there account of what they got.

Solid positive energy vibe, with a sexual kick. 6 pheromones in total and I was extremely picky on what went into this, I wanted pheromones that worked well together an provided a synergistic effect with each individual molecule. Now I don`t know what the base oil Aroma Fero is using to blend this, but I find it works MUCH better than DPG whatever it is.

I wanted an Ammo replacement that I could use for anywhere, and this was it for me. What is unique about this blend is it provides a sexual energy both for the wearer and the opposite sex, while creating a positive vibe and communication is more open and very fluid, and just flows, with a very slight emotional undertone where the conversations are just more meaningful and not just random babbling.

Slight status boost with more confidence as well.

Overall a good blend to throw on and forget about it and just let things flow.

I tested this blindly myself and this is what I got. I tested it against at least a dozen other blends I have made through the years and this was the best one and balance I liked.

I never really set out to make any blends and it is a lot of work, but a fun hobby and totally worth it! I encourage anyone to make a blend, you just never know. I would love to work with someone and creating blends as it would be a lot of fun. I have a decent lab setup with a mixer at home.

If anyone has ANY ideas or suggestions, let me know. Hope everyone that received this has had fun with it.

Hi mate , how it’s work? I have some ideas about some blends I worked on by myself.
I would like if we worked together on some of them .

Mones creativity
(This post was last modified: 06-11-2022 9:29 AM by Artist sam.)
06-11-2022 9:25 AM
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