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Sacred Lotus
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Sacred Lotus
10-14-2009 4:43 PM

Nelumbo nucafera, the Sacred Lotus, is a very interesting floral plant. Unlike other water lilies, Nelumbo is the only species that raises its leaves far above the water's surface. The lotus is the object of meditation in Tantric Buddhism, and in Tantra we meditate on the seven sacred lotus "wheels" or chakras in the body. Ancient Hindu iconocraphy is replete with images of the Sacred Lotus, which represented divinity, birth, rebirth, purity, prosperity, and sexuality.

The Sacred Lotus has been used as an aid to meditation for millenia.

The blossoms are large, growing to around 35 cm across (about 14 inches). The blossoms only stay on the plant for a short time before dropping off into the water, so the flowers are quickly gathered after blooming for processing into the absolute. Sacred Lotus can also be steam distilled, but it is impossible to find the essential oil.

All parts of the plant are edible, including the young leaves, rhizome, blossoms, and seeds. The roots can be roasted or deep fried. The seeds can be popped like popcorn or roasted or candied. The blossoms can be candied or steeped in wine.

All parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine for their astringent, cardiotonic, bebrifuge, hypotensive, resolvent, stomachic, styptic, tonic, and vasodilator and other healing properties.

The blossoms and stamens are rich in the alkaloides lotusine, demethyl coclaurine, neferen, and nuciferine. These alkaloides are similar in structure to opiodes, but the edible plant and its absolute do not cause stupor, addiction, or any other known ill effects. The blossoms and stamens were traditionally used in sacred incense for deepening meditation. Inhaling the smoke from these also causes no addiction or other known ill effects.

I've found that using a 5% dilution of the absolute as aromatherapy, that Sacred Lotus cures PMS, and that it is a very quick cure for menstrual cramps. Smelling this at 5% induces feelings of zooming divine energy, peace and joy that permeates the whole body and seems to be radiating outward from every cell. These feelings last for days and are often much stronger the day after using the 5% dilution of the absolute.

The absolute of the Sacred Lotus is a thick reddish brown substance that smells very muddy and medicinal. Diluting it brings out the wonderful, diffusive, sweet smell of the lotus blossom. Even at 1% dilution, slight herbal and muddy notes are still present but way in the background. It is as though the fragrance carries the whole plant's identity and history with it.

5% dilution is effective aromatherapeutically, and a 1% dilution is the sweetest for fragrance. The fragrance is too sweet to be really floral. There is no other fragrance to compare it to, really.

Eden Botanicals carries the absolute. It is pricy at $238 per oz. https://www.edenbotanicals.com/essential...s_absolute


[Image: Bloom625.jpg]
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10-14-2009 4:43 PM
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