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SOB and testosterone increase?
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Heart SOB and testosterone increase?
05-03-2015 7:32 AM

Ok guys this might be a new development or it could be an ongoing one but i have yet to see any postings on it and i might as well start one on it. There is something at work here with SOB. I like the product, even as a sample and im wondering a few things.

First there is the body's response to stimulants such as pheromones in either primer or releaser stages, where the former changes both behavioral and physiological states and the last behavioral states. These are due from what i know so far, by androgen responses from the body. If it senses and increase of testosterone agents, the body will ramps up its production to increase pheromone output as part of the competiton. I also know that based on this prospective notion and increase in testoterone is a good thing as it fosters cooperation if it is naturally occuring as what seems to be the case with pheromones. This increase in testosterone can be a cause of wet dreams because of the increase in sperm production, and overflow can be a cause of a nocturnal emission.

Secondly, there is the fact that if there is a fertile woman, she will be letting out pheromones which signal she is fertile, and these pheromones whether used for attraction or not may also play a part in testosterone production in nearby males. I dont have anything to back this up with atm other than pheromone like behavior, so ill be doibg some testing with SOB and the continuance or her menstrual cycle to test my theories Big Grin Of course at the time i am doing no gym workouts, am taking vitamines, eating celery, laying on my right side, and using Pheromones, so all these may be contributing factors to this discussion.

Lastly i want to point out that if admins could reword the title so that others could find this, that would be much appreciated. I think i may be onto something here, but along with research i would like to see what others have experienced, using SOB or any other mones and the interactions between those mones and physiological response from their body. If i can find some common factors maybe i can see what is going on here. I would also like to hear from some well respected sources like mobo, pago, MMM, and most of all Steve seeing that he was the creator of this bad boy SOB and if maybe he has experienced or seen any posts like this. This isn't the end for me and SOB by far though! Im only getting started and now the little scientist in me has come out to play. I only hope the mones are ready for this Pilot!

Driving the mone car is pretty awesome, its got perks like none other. But if there is anything to gain from pheromones, it is important that we familiarize ourselves with individual components that go into making the mone car.

For what if all our vendors disappeared into mone heaven? Would we be able to make that car again, or would it go vintage?

05-03-2015 7:32 AM
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