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Result with mones with weak personality and bad impression
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I'll be blunt. You'll get over it.

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RE: Result with mones with weak personality and bad impression
07-27-2022 2:43 AM

It depends. Some products steer 75/25 self effects/effects on others. Some are the reverse. Some are 50/50.

Don't wear a social sexual if you're not ready to be more social and sexual. Don't wear an alpha if you're not ready to be more alpha. It will just confuses and often enrage people. Sexual signature + nonsexual personality = Slimy pervert predator. Social signature + nonsocial personality = Needy loser who wants friends but has none. Alpha signature + nonalpha personality = Insecure coward in need of a beating.

Luckily there's a range of products that help you fill in the gaps and pick things that work for you. It's a symbiotic relationship. The mone complements you. You complement the mone. The mone steers you. You steer the mone.

Ex) Titan is a social alpha. Naturally I'm about 7/10 social, 4/10 alpha. Titan helps me turn both up a bit to maybe 8-9/10 social and 6/10 alpha. If I try to be 10/10 alpha it's going to come off as phony and I'm going to get conflict and bad hits. The pheromones aren't a crutch. They can't make you someone you're not. They don't let you play a character. They help steer you into being your best possible self.

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07-27-2022 2:43 AM
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RE: Result with mones with weak personality and bad impression
07-27-2022 3:46 AM

You did a great job explaining the negative personality results of wearing social, alpha, or sexual pheromones.

I'm social 4-6/10, Alpha 4-7/10, Interesting interlocutors: 3-5/10, Funny and humorous: 3-6/10 and Good looks: 8/10.
I wrote 4-6 because it depends on the people I'm dealing with. When I meet a woman who is not very naive but values ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence and self-confidence, she may not want to talk to me while I'm trying to keep the conversation going. Then my alpha level is 4/10 because I feel like a loser when I try to lead the conversation and the woman only gives short answers. But if I have a person in front of me who asks for advice and is very naive, then I put my social and alpha level at 6-7.

Here's one thing I noticed about pheromones. Alpha products have more positive self-effects than positive effects from others. Social products have about as many positive and negative effects on themselves and others. Romantic products have very many positive effects from others but very few positive effects on themselves because of letharing.
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07-27-2022 3:46 AM
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